Day 71: It’s All Coming Together

This is actually something for the ladies today, because guys could care less about this stuff. 

There are times that I have ideas, ideas, ideas on what I’d like to do with my office, but not until today did it all come together…and way under budget.

Thanks to Urban Outfitters for helping me piece it all together.  The colors are now white, pink, lavendar and gray.  The focal point is my Missoni for Target pouf. 

I have been looking for the right white duvet for a long time and considered getting the Shabby Chic duvet from Target…but ends up UO has one for about $20 less than the Shabby Chic.  Add a gray/white bedskirt for $9.99 and we’re set for the bed…toss pillows will be the next find.  I’m thinking Parisian here, so we’ll see if I can Martha Stewart up some special Paris pillow designs. 

I also found a couple of gray medallion shower curtains…2 for $29.99.  I find sometimes that I love shower curtain patterns, because it’s what I’m looking for vs. regular curtains. 

A few other pluses is that I’m getting a couple of turquoise blue paisley curtains and a turquoise side table (think Tiffany blue).  Total cost of everything is ringing in at $180.  For me, with all that’s being shipped (shipping’s free)…that’s a great deal.  That’s a duvet + 2 shower curtains + 2 paisley curtains + 2 shower curtain hooks + bedskirt + Tiffany blue side table = $180. 

I also found that is having a sale on rugs.  Free shipping too.  I found a plain gray rug for $79 to cover most of the room.  (We’re up to $259 now.)

I went shopping for a new couch too for my living room.  I almost dropped $1000 on that new sofa, but something said…just look a little more.  Voila… had the identical movie sofa, but with 3 pillows (unlike CB2’s movie sofa) for 1/3 the price at $377.99 (free shipping).  Now we’re at $638.99. 

What makes me very happy…that’s still less than that sofa from CB2…and the finds today means that I have most of the office done.  Bookcases…that’s what I’m looking into next.

I really can’t wait to put up the artwork and photos.  I decided to put the Constantine ensemble up in the office.  I think it reflects more of my style, especially since gray is going to be one of the colors in the office.

Truthfully, the fact that I’ve narrowed down the colors for the office…that’s one HUGE step.  I’m just surprised at how well everything has come together thanks to the clearance section of!  Trust me, there will be before and after pictures. 

Now to hit up Michael’s for frames, etc.

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