Day 60: Top 5 Loves

Here are this week’s Top 5 Loves.

1.  Kovalchuk’s Got a Brand New Bag.  I’ve had serious mad love for my new Fendi messenger bag that I picked up a few months ago.  I’ve been carrying it around (only in NYC area, not internationally) since early September.  So imagine my surprise when I found out that someone else likes the couture logo happy messenger bag style. 

Spotted in the New Jersey Devils locker room…Ilya Kovalchuk’s new Louis Vuitton messenger bag.

I have nothing but MAD LOVE for that new bag.  {This is not the exact one, because Louis Vuitton makes a few men’s styles, and I think Kovy has the lighter version of this bag…which is not on sale online…and rare to find.  Sorry…I glimpsed at it for 2 seconds, just long enough to make out the LV pattern and the messenger bag.}

His new bag inspired me to start shopping for my next bag:  another vintage Louis Vuitton to add to my purse collection, but this one’s the Alma signature bag I’ve been thinking about for the last four months.

2. Learning How To Be a Better Photographer.  I came across this article “22 Things You Can Do Today To Change Your Photography Forever” which gave me more ideas on what to do with my thousands upon thousands of pictures I’ve taken over the last few years.  While I’ve been contemplating and creating some tote bags for friends to put their Christmas gifts in, this article actually gave me even more ideas on how to start putting my work out there more.  Give the article a whirl if you are a photographer.  Not only will you pick up some ideas on how to promote your work, but it will give you even more ideas on how to become a better photographer.  After all, one of the many reasons why I’m moving to Africa…my next dream is to photograph for National Geographic.  (Check out the NG link…some great photos and articles from NG photographers on how they do what they do.)

3.  Pinterest For those who like to be inspired for your home, wardrobe, DIY projects or what have you…this site is great for inspiration.  It will also link you up to other blogs where you can learn how to make a lot of recipes, DIY projects, or just find something of interest (that’s where I found the 22 Things Photography post).  The pictures are always awe inspiring. 

Case in point, those tote bags I’ve been pondering, well, thanks to Pinterest, I found gives a tutorial on how I can transfer my photographs and images that I’ve designed onto a canvas tote bag myself!  It’s a very easy DIY project that I can do at home and play around with instead of depending on a manufacturer to make them for me.

4.  Everything Fab.  I like the idea of sharing on the 5 Friday Loves, a new blog with you that I am currently stalking religiously.  Thanks to Twitter, I’ve been introduced to a few of the girls in this lovely blogging community…and it’s a ‘tight’ community.  You start to get to know these girls on Twitter, but better yet, they start to inspire you with the things that they find.  I always love the pictures they take and post up.

It’s like looking into the day in the life of someone else through pictures…and you learn some tips and tricks from home decor to fashion (I LOVE both topics).  So give them a whirl…they always get me thinking about how I can take some of their ideas and apply it to my life.  We call that INSPIRATION!

Paul Bereswell/Getty Images

5.  New Jersey Devils’ Own Petr Sykora.  Now, before the jealous types start asking…why is Petr Sykora on my Top 5 Friday Loves list…it’s actually quite innocent.  ESPN did a story on professional athletes that wear their wedding band when they play in games.  NJD’s own Petr Sykora has been caught out on the ice wearing his.  When I think back to the first time I ever saw Sykora years ago…that wedding band was a part of who he was…and what I loved about it…he just radiates that love he has for his wife.  It’s so beautiful to see that love.  That ring is his commitment to that love.  READ THIS to see who else wears their wedding band during the game.

* * * * * * * *

I leave you with a little love poem from Rumi . . .

The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
they’re in each other all along.

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