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There were a few people that wanted the information on a special oil used to help cure migraines.  Here is the website: Aux 100,000 Epices

The site is in French, so here’s how to find the anti-migraine medicine…

  1. Under CATEGORIES (on the left), Click on HUILES ESSENTIELLES.
  2. In the top row, third from the left, you’ll see HUILE ANTI-MIGRAINE for 8 euros.  Click on AJOUTER AU PANIER (i.e. ADD TO CART).
  3. This will bring you to your cart.  Just click on ACHETER (i.e. BUY) at the bottom to go to the next page.
  4. The next screen asks if you are a NOUVEAU CLIENT or DEJA CLIENT.  If you are a first time buyer, under NOUVEAU CLIENT, click on CONTINUER.
  5. From there, it’s self explanatory.  Just fill in your billing/payment information.  They ship all over the world.

Don’t stock up on the anti-migraine medicine the first time you buy.  Just buy one to test to see if this will work for you.  You only need two drops for each application (one drop per temple).  Massage each drop onto your temples.  After five minutes, your migraine should be gone.

This is a medicine used all throughout Morocco and the people there swear by it.  There have also been stories of tourists that were given this medicine (after using migraine medication for years).  Their migraines were gone after five minutes.  They reported feeling better than they’d ever felt before. 

Everything is all-natural and derived from plants found in the Sahara Desert of Morocco.  These cures were developed by the Berber nomads of Africa.

Berber medicine was developed over the centuries as nomads wandered the desert, learning what plants heal illnesses.  Learning how to use accu-pressure was also passed down from one generation to the next. {It also teaches how the power of touch can heal another human being.}

You’ll also notice there are a lot of other natural cures, beauty products and teas listed on the site.  Argan oil has been taking the beauty world by storm in the US.  Argan is only found in Morocco.  It is the only place in the world where Argan trees are grown.

There are aphrodisiacs, all natural body scrubs, anti-aging products and so much more on the site.  Everything is ALL-NATURAL and made with NO CHEMICALS.

When I was in the store, I picked up some mint tea (which is very refreshing to have after a meal…especially for those who have acid reflux or a sensitive stomach).  I also picked up a bottle of Extrait de Fleur d’Oranger, which is a perfumed oil used to calm anxieties and stress.  It also smells very nice on. 😉

There is also a special black seed I picked up that is used for people who have breathing problems, like asthma.  It’s very reminiscent of the menthol in Vicks Vapo-Rub.  All you do is put the seeds in a handkerchief,  wrap it up into a small ball, stick it up each nostril and breathe in deeply (just one time, each side). 

I thought it was kind of crazy until the lady made me breathe it in.  You breathe in until your nostril feels like it is on fire and then you stop.  I didn’t think it would work, but after about three minutes, I felt my left lung ease up and I could breathe better. 

I was so impressed that it worked so quickly, and it was all natural, that I picked up a bag and brought it home with me for those days when I am having extreme difficulties in breathing.  That means…no more asthma medication.

There is also another special tea that I picked up that is also sold at Aux 100,000 Epices, it actually cures ALL symptoms.  On days that I have extreme difficulties, I have a cup of this tea and the symptoms are relieved and I feel better within 10-15 minutes.  Just one cup does the trick. 

Because this tea has every flower and plant in the Berber’s book of medicine…it heals just about anything and everything.  Even when my lung acts up early in the AM or my stomach has become very sensitive and I’m vomiting left and right…this tea has helped me breathe…and eased my stomach.

I should also mention that the reason why I got so interested in Berber medicine…well, Hamid is a Berber Medicine Man.  When I tried to explain cancer to him, he had no idea what it was.  I explained the symptoms to him and what happens inside the body.  He didn’t understand any of it. 

His response was what made me decide to move to Morocco.  NO ONE gets cancer.  The Berber nomads have never had a serious illness like cancer.  They get sick every now and again, but they have plants in the desert that helps cure them.  People die either from an accident or old age.  Maybe there’s something about their lifestyle that prevents them from getting serious illnesses.

Want to know his cure for a cough?  A mixture of Argan oil mixed in with olive oil, massaged into the neck.  The neck is then wrapped in a scarf to keep it warm.  I didn’t cough for hours after his cure. 

There are also healing properties in the Sahara Desert.  There are people that show up to the Berber camps with very bad rheumatism or arthritis.  Even people that are faced with knee surgery or other kinds of surgeries, head to the Sahara to lay out in the desert for a few hours for 3-6 days to avoid having surgery. 

Hamid told me there was one man that showed up to the camp completely bent over.  He couldn’t even stand up straight. 

The old man laid in the desert for 3 hours.  Afterwards, he headed into the tents, wrapped himself up in a blanket and stayed in the tents the rest of the day.  He went back out the next day and the next, repeating the same thing each day.  By the third day, he walked away completely cured, standing up straight.  The man said that he felt better than he did when he was 20 years old.

Driss also told me of how he had done the same thing when he was facing knee surgery after an accident.  His doctor gave him two choices: surgery or the Sahara Desert.  He opted for the Sahara.  After doing the same thing the old man had done, he walked away a few days later with a knee better than new.  Seven years later, he feels like his knee is still better than new.  The Sahara cured him. 

No special medicine or surgery required.

The reason why I’m sharing this information with all of you is because I’m looking for a cure myself.  For those with cancer…I’m looking for that cure there.  It’s hard to find a cure when the Berbers have never had cancer before.  But maybe they can find a cure if they have someone to test remedies on.

Keep in mind that the people of Morocco don’t like chemicals.  They prefer the all natural route, especially when it comes to medicine. 

Considering their cures are all natural and derive from plants in the desert…and it actually works…shouldn’t we give it a try instead of putting all of these chemicals into our bodies?  I still have yet to understand how poisoning our bodies with chemo actually helps get rid of the cancer.  There has to be a natural cure out there…even if it is just a lifestyle.  After all, if an entire group of people (the Berbers) have never had cancer before, shouldn’t we be researching how that’s possible?  How they never get really bad illnesses?  Maybe they do have the cure we’re looking for.

There’s also something to be said about the Berber lifestyle…they spend every day focused on two very important things: God and peace.  The Sahara Desert is the only natural setting on this planet where you can achieve nirvana without even meditating.  Just sitting in the Sahara for a few hours will make you feel at complete peace.  It’s the only place in the world where I’ve been able to achieve that without blanking out my mind and meditating.  That peace may also be linked to why the Berbers never have serious illnesses.

They also have a very simple diet.  I do mean very simple.  They take a few dates and a container of goat’s milk out with them when they tend the herd for 2-3 days.  They have a light dinner with very little meat.  When I say very little meat…they sometimes eat meat but not very often…and there’s NO PORK in Arabic countries. 

They need very little sleep (3-4 hours). 

The lifestyle is very different, but it’s also very peaceful.  NO STRESS.

There are many factors that have to be studied in understanding what the cures are along with the preventative health measures that are taken.  Many of the medicines developed by the Berber medicine shops are for people like us…those who are not Berber and don’t live out in the desert.  Their methods are very helpful.  I’ve found instant relief in many of their cures.  But I’ve also found that it’s good to always use their methods, like drinking mint tea after every meal, in order to keep the symptoms from returning.

Drinking one cup of the medicinal tea each morning also helps calm my stomach and it takes the pain away from my left lung so that I can breathe easier.

For those who do order the migraine oil, let me know how it works out.  I bought a bottle for a friend, so I’m hoping it works for her.  If you buy anything else from the shop, let me know what you think of the product.  I know the Argan Oil lotion has been a favorite amongst my girlfriends.  They were so happy I brought a jar back for them.  They like it better than the stuff being sold in America.  It may have a little thing to do with…Morocco keeps everything all natural.

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