Photos from Day 31 in Rabat, Morocco

On Day 31, we stopped in a lot of cities on the way to Fes.  After leaving Casablanca, we headed to Rabat where Hassan Tower stands (from the 12th century).  We also stopped into one of the most beautiful areas in Rabat…all enclosed behind a fortress wall.  I stumbled upon a spot overlooking the sea where this young boy followed me to the wall, begging me for some food while he watched me take photos. 

He was so sweet and so hungry.  I gave him 10 dirham.  Before I could give him more, he started jumping up and down, so happy that I gave him some money, that before I could pull out some more change, he ran off to buy some food. 

He was just so sweet talking to me in Arabic, trying to point to things and tell me about the sea.  It just breaks my heart to see a child so hungry, trying to earn just a coin or two just to buy something to eat.  What was even more heartbreaking was that it was apparent that he had a disability.  You always have to ask where the parents are…and wonder if maybe he was just an orphan.

Maybe next time, if I see him again, I’ll find out if he’s an orphan or not.  If he is, you better believe he’ll be coming home with me. 

But without ado…here are the photos from Rabat.

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