Day 16: What a Weird Day

So today’s not really hockey related…or maybe it is…but R.E.M. broke up today. 


When I Google R.E.M. I get Michael Stipe’s penis.  WHY?!?!

Very frightening image…and I didn’t even see the actual photo.  Just disturbing. Very disturbing.  *Washing my brain out with soap*

This is what happens when Twitter breaks the news BEFORE the rest of the media world can write the friggin story!  Michael Stipe’s 51 year old penis is the headline first.  Why post it up on Tumblr, Michael?  WHY?!?!?

The only good thing I can think of that could flush out the hairy penis from Google is a R.E.M. breakup.  So with that…thank you R.E.M. for breaking up today.


Just gross.

In other news, Mike Modano made the announcement on Facebook that he is retiring.  Press conference will come later this week (he said Friday?).  Interesting to see he used social media to break the news rather than have the NHLPA or the Dallas Stars release the presser. 


So besides preparing the office and the apartment for my vacation away for the next 3 weeks, I’ve been doing some London research.  I just booked my hotel today in London.  Always interesting to see the rates drop as the weekend approaches.  So far, this trip is costing me $7,000+.  That’s more than I spend in 5 months.  $7,000 for just 3 weeks.  Trying not to soak that number in and hate myself for spending $7,000+ on a vacation.

I’ve been researching Stonehenge/Bath tours today.  One company had me cracking up.  Excluded from the tour was the return portion of the trip back to London.  Really?   What’s the point then?  LOL.

Along with Stonehenge, I’m also researching the Jack the Ripper tour.  Being as Halloween is not too far around the corner and it’s fall…I thought it would be a nice, fun thing to do while I’m in London.

The main reason for going to London?  To see Christopher Marlowe’s “Faust” at the Shakespeare Globe.  I actually own a copy of “Faust.”  Like…the really old copy that’s a few centuries old.  When I saw that Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre would be doing a performance of it, I booked my vacation around that show.  That will be one of the highlights of my trip.

I’m keeping this one short and sweet because I’m on London time and I’ve got lots to do before I leave on Friday…like pack.  Happy Hump Day, folks!



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