Blog Challenge: 3 Movies

I think this one is going to be a difficult one…

1. Dune.  This was my favorite movie when I was a kid.  Yes, a little grown up for me, but I was just so fascinated with the story.  I had every word memorized.  I was in love with Kyle MacLachlan.  When Patrick Stewart went on to captain Star Trek: The Next Generation…who was a fan…ME! 

I don’t know…Dune was just so magical to me.  I think it helped create my imagination for me.  It opened my mind to storytelling.  It allowed me to create stories in my mind.  Even to this day, I think about the next book I’ll write…and I have the movie Dune to thank for helping me develop this story in my mind.

2.  Beauty and the Beast.  I never really liked Disney movies.  I thought it was too frou frou for my standards.  After all, DUNE shaped my mind and my imagination.  [Could explain why I choose to be more like Paul…a hero archetype.]  Anyway, I remember the first time I saw this movie in the theaters.  I was in high school and a bunch of my friends went to Linton Cinemas (Indiana) to see this film.

I was thinking…great…some stupid Disney flick. 

I sat there and watched and became completely mesmerized starting at the very beginning of the story when they showed the windows.  THE WINDOWS WON ME OVER!

I was so enchanted by this film that I memorized every song.  I used to sit outside and sing the entire soundtrack to the animals on our farm.  No joke…all of them came out to sit next to me as I sang to them.  All of the cats wanted to sit on my lap.  I managed to get six of them on my lap at one time.  We had 18 cats (we lived on a farm, so this is natural).  I had to take turns rotating them around as I sang our way through Beauty and the Beast.

In a way, I think Belle was a lot like me and that’s why I loved the film so much.  She loved books.  People thought she was crazy because she had a mind of her own.  A lot like me.  The kids in my town thought I was crazy for wanting to see the world beyond our own little world.  Or falling in love with someone because of the person you see inside of them and not what you see on the outside.

Beauty and the Beast was the Disney film that defined me.

3.  The Seventh Sign.  I’m not even going to explain why I love this film, because if you’ve seen it, you’re going to think…this chick is insane.  It’s an apocalyptic religious film about the end of days. 

I am actually a huge fan of those end of days kind of films, because I like seeing how someone sees how the world will end.  I like watching how there’s a struggle between good and evil.  I like seeing man trying to fight evil to save the world from the end.

I just like movies about the whole man versus the devil…and trying to stop the inevitable…the end of the world as we know it.

I am fascinated by the way people see how this world ends…and they all portray it as something that will be happening soon…not 50 years from now.  Or in Supernatural terms…the shit’s going down right now.  I think that’s why I love that show so much.

I’m not going to explain why all of this fascinates me because it’s a secret.  Only one person knows that secret…and he’s my blood.

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