Sound Off…

It’s come to the attention of the Hockey Wives Club that there’s a new blogger purporting to be a hockey wife from the New York Rangers.  “She” decided to blog thanks to the “Hockey Wives Club” post. 

Interestingly enough, the bio reads like it came directly from the actual post I wrote…as well as what you see in the introduction. 

While it talks about the wives sticking together, the latest post talking crap about another hockey wife’s blog is just poor taste, especially since it’s coming from an anonymous blogger claiming that they are a hockey wife.  Actually, the blog is borderline PUCK BUNNY.

Really…a New York Ranger read the Hockey Wives Club post and thought his wife should start blogging too? 

Then the whole dish that there’s a rumor that Chris Drury’s wife was having an affair with another New York Ranger?  A certain goalie’s girl is really a lesbian?  Not sure how Henrik Lundqvist or Martin Biron are going to react to hearing that.  Really…WHAT THE BLIMEY FUCK? 

That’s not a hockey wife’s blog, because most hockey wives would NEVER WRITE THAT CRAP for the world to see.  Gossip or not, that is stuff that should NEVER be put out there on the net. 

You claim to be on the hockey wives side, siding with the wives, because you’re all family…and then you go and trash one of them on your site? 

If you’re really a wife of a New York Ranger, you may have just cost your husband his job.  If you’re a faker…well, I’ve already emailed your little blog along to the Rangers.  Let’s see what they say about it afterwards…

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