Quick Note

Just a quick note to all…you may notice that the way I’m doing things here has changed since my writing season has begun.  Usually the best dressed list comes out right about now (which will…), but even the way the best dressed list is done this year is going to be very different. 

In the previous Musings post, I discussed talking to NHL alumni.  Georges Laraque and I have been talking about allowing him to blog more (on a bigger platform) where media can pick up on his latest musings.  He agreed to do some writing for this site (his idea).  So you’ll be seeing Georges featured on here every now and again.

I’ve also asked some of the AHL guys and alumni to help me with the Best Dressed list.  They’ll be submitting their picks to me soon.  One alumni has already given me his picks from the red carpet last week (ironically, we agreed 100% on this list). 

All in all, this site is going to allow players/alumni to have a sounding board to talk about whatever they want to talk about.  That is the new direction this site is going.  It is becoming more ‘player’ friendly.

You’ll also be able to find photos, player interviews, and Inside Hockey exclusives linked up on here. 

My hopes are that YOU (the fans) will enjoy and learn more about hockey from some of the best around from their point of view.


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