The Power of Voice

Remember that song, “Killing Me Softly?”

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song

That is the power of a voice.  That is the power to grasp someone’s mind, body and soul with words, and move the listener (or reader) to passion.  It makes them believe in the words flowing out into the universe.

Those words can also be something very dangerous. 

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh in a taxi cab last Friday.  He spoke about such controversial things that even he gave my heart a rise with such passion to believe in the things he was saying. 

But then I repeated the words he was saying to myself and thought…well, that’s just plain stupid.  That’s just drama for the sake of drama.  Conspiracy for the sake of conspiracy.  A rise of emotion just for the sake of idiocy.

Everything he was saying was meant to spark a strong emotion from his listeners.  But when you hear the actual words he is saying, the accusations he is making, you realize…well, that’s just plain stupid.

Rush is like a snake tempting Eve to take and eat from the Tree of Life.  His voice is convincing, yet dangerous.

I realized just how powerful this man’s voice is…his voice twists you emotionally in order to convince you with fervor and passion that he is right. 

To me, his true words mean nothing.  They don’t mean anything.  Why?  Because when you see how he is trying to stir drama in the world, you realize that none of it is important.  None of it changes the world we live in. 

Rush has a powerful voice, but it is not used for good.  It is not used to better humanity.  That is dangerous.

There is power in that man’s voice.  But it is not power that we should embrace.

Over the weekend, many decided to use their words behind a computer screen to attack Theo Fleury, who was sexually abused by his former coach Graham James.

@TheoFleury14 had to deal with years ago. They’ve sided with the sex offenders.

That’s really sad that a whole bunch of idiots went after the victim and said every nasty thing they could think of to him.  What human being does that?  What gives people the right to bully victims? 

If you were to ask me, the days of the bully are done.  People are getting tired of kids taking after their parents and becoming mean and evil.  People are getting tired of trolls and other evil people that think they have a right to free speech of hate. 

You don’t have a right.

There is no place in society for bullying anymore.

If you’re going to use your voice, use it for good.  Use your voice to take a stand for humanity.  Use your voice to take a stand against hate.  Use your voice to inspire people to greatness.

Use your words and your voice to create a better society, a better humanity.  If you can’t use your voice and your words to make the world a better place…then Shut up!  The world is tired of hearing your hate.  If that’s all you’ve got inside of you, then keep it to yourself.  Start figuring out how you can have some good in your life again.  It is your choice to live in hate.  If you don’t want to live in hate, then change.  You have a choice.  It’s as easy as changing your mindset and the way you see the world.

Use your voice for greatness, not for peril. 

Everyone is a victim.  But we are not healing when we become the bully.  We are not free of what hurts us when we hurt others.  We only cause more pain. 

We also have a choice in deciding to not let people have power over us anymore.  Words, especially ones filled with hate, they are like wounds created by a knife plunging deeper and deeper each time it is repeated.  It remains even when the person goes away.  It hurts our heart.  It hurts our soul.  But we have a choice to give that person power over us and make us into a victim or rise up and say “I will not be your victim.  You have no power over me.”

It takes courage to defeat the bully and the bully within. 

In order to stop being the victim, we have to be the change we seek in the world.  Bullies are victims too.  Someone hurt them, too. 

It’s never okay to hurt others.  It’s also not okay to continue the hurt by hurting others, just because you were hurt.  That is, it’s not okay to hold onto the pain.  We are not only causing ourselves more damage, but we are unknowingly unleashing that pain unto others.

It’s always the victim’s fault, right?  They must have been asking for it, right? 

Since when was it okay to take advantage of a young boy? 

When was it okay to rape a woman, because she was pretty?  Or simply put, “She was asking for it.” 

Lara Logan, a CBS correspondent, was beaten and sexually assaulted by a mob in Egypt while she was covering the Cairo’s Tahrir Square when the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak finally stepped down.

The men there said that she deserved it because she was pretty.  [Logan was not raped, according to sources familiar with the incident.  She was stripped naked, beaten repeatedly, etc.]

How is that okay?

Sexual assault is about power.  Bullying is about power. 

Both, as we know it, is not okay.  It is not okay to assert your power onto someone else in an effort to make them into a victim.

If you’re going to say something, make sure it’s something you can say out loud that you’re proud of.  Say only those things that you will have no regrets later for saying what was in your heart.  If you want to practice hate, well, what does karma say?  Bad things are sure to come your way.

You get the universe you deserve.  You practice hate, you will only receive hate in return…and hate from the places you definitely do not want it from.


There’s also the voice of belief.

When you are fighting to reach an end result, don’t stop when you’re almost there and give up.  Don’t tell the world, “We’re done.”  You fight until the end.

When you verbally say you’re done, I hope you informed the other guys in the room that you’re done.  In the world of chance, superstitions, and the belief in the universe’s way of doing things…you believe in a Devil of a chance until the very end.

If you don’t, then you haven’t truly embraced the ways of your team. 

It takes only one man to make the empire crumble.  It takes only one person to not believe in the dream to make it not come true.

It’s the power of the voice that believes in hope.  It’s the power of the voice that makes those around them believe that anything is possible.  It is the power of the voice that makes even the wary believe that dreams can come true.

It is also the power of the voice that can make people disbelieve.  It can make you believe that dreams do not come true.  It can make you a loser when you’ve admitted defeat before the end has even arrived.  It can crush the hearts of many.

Which voice do you choose to speak with?


Use your voice for good.  Speak only good things.  Write only good things.  Use your voice to take a stand for humanity.  Use your voice to bring those around you to greatness.  Use your voice to inspire.  Use your voice to tell the stories that will make a new day seem so much brighter.

Choose your words wisely.  Someone is always watching.  Someone is always listening.  Someone is always judging.

Let them judge you for the good you do.  You never want people to see the bad…so don’t do bad things.  Do not say bad things.  When you do, prepare for the worst consequences. 

Use your voice wisely.  Use it loudly.  Use it the way God meant you to use it.

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