A Quick One Today…

So the hockey world that knows both me and Katrina Cady (aka Psycho Puck Lady) have been biting their nails like crazy thinking…OMG…what in the world are those two girls talking about??? All I can say is…be afraid, be very afraid. 😉

I won’t divulge on our hockey girl talk. It’s private. There are teams that should be scared when two hockey writers that will push the card (one to the edge, one over the edge) are meeting up in New York City to talk and talk and talk for hours.

Today’s post at Psycho Lady Hockey (see link on the right) was one of our many topics last night. Her story reminded me a bit of what I went through years ago with someone attempting to cyberbully me…let’s just say things changed dramatically when I put a stop to it.

What’s funny is that someone emailed me last week after I announced I was going on tour with Mats Sundin and they commented on how strange it was that just 3 years ago that crap was happening to me and then now…it’s just unbelievable.

Based on my experience with being a victim of cyberbullies, they never know that they’re doing it. They feel as if they are justified in doing what they’re doing.

I was very disappointed to learn that a campaign was launched against Katrina last week.

I don’t want to get into the middle of all of this, but I just want to say that before you launch negative campaigns, put yourself in the other person’s shoes. How would you feel if you knew someone was doing that to you? It’s not a good feeling. Remember, KARMA is real and it will bite you in the ass tenfold for every wrong act you commit. It’s just a universal fact of life.

It was very heartbreaking to know that people were targeting Katrina. It’s not right. But what Kat had to say in her blog today, it was more than appropriate.

Now, in other news…I have to share this because I was so excited to hear this…

I had to run to the eye doctor last night on an emergency basis before meeting up with Kat. While I sat there going over my lengthy medical history and what 2 eye docs found last year (that the cornea in my left eye was completely gone…I’ve been wearing a special lens meant to supplement the lost cornea), the new eye doc looked at my eye and announced that it was the strangest thing.

The cornea had grown back.

The other two doctors had spoken about a cornea replacement which would require surgery. I had put it off because I wanted to get the easier surgery out of the way (which ended up not being so easy and a lot of complications followed which delayed my heading in for another surgery). I planned to get the cornea replacement during the off-season (this past summer).

Well, for the past few months, I have not been able to see out of my left eye very well…apparently it’s because the cornea grew back and the special lens was no longer needed.

Not only did my cornea grow back, but my vision improved.

It is rare that the cornea will grow back, but it does happen. So I am very happy that I no longer have to have surgery on my eye! It was so bad last year that I almost thought I was going to have to quit hockey because the ice blinded me at times.

Trust me…this is the first positive health news I’ve had in a year!

As for hockey…Devils faceoff against the Sabres tonight. This will be my first hockey game since I’ve been back home.

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