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If you need an invitation to attend a party during Fashion Week (and meet other cool people, models, writers, etc.) the IT Party will be Depesha’s Opening Night Party during Fashion Night Out NYC…and I’m inviting all of you that want to come.

Click here for the details: Depesha Fashion Week Opening Party

Before you think I’m inviting just anybody…editor-in-chief’s Stephan Rabimov told me to invite all. Should be a kicking party (as all Depesha parties are).

Yours truly will be there…you can’t miss me b/c I’ll be in a killer floor length dress. If you plan on attending and want to say hello, just let me know so that I can make sure to stop and chat.

I’m not sure what time I’m getting there because I have a lot of parties to attend around town that night, plus an exhibit at the International Center for Photography…but my main event of the night is Despesha’s party.

Hope to see you there!

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