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Joan He’s Kingdom of Three

Joan He’s Kingdom of Three duology concludes with the release of Sound the Gong. This tale is a re-imagining of the Chinese mythological tale of the Three Kingdoms. It begins…

Book Review: The Stranger I Wed

Harper St. George brings to us a new spicy Gilded Age romance series with The Stranger I Wed. Pub Date: April 23, 2024 Synopsis New to wealth and to London…

Book Review: An Enchanting Case of Spirits

An Enchanting Case of Spirits by Melissa Holtz mixes a little bit of sleuthing with spirits who have unfinished business. Sprinkle a little bit of romance on top, and we…

Book Review: Indian Burial Ground

Nick Medina’s “Indian Burial Ground” mixes mythology and folklore with horror.

Book Review: Something Kindred

Something Kindred is a new coming-of-age story of a young Black girl returning to her roots, to a town filled with ghosts. Echoes.

The Book Influencer: Is it OK to sell ARCs?

This is a topic every reviewer and book influencer has asked at some point. If you Google this question, you will find people doing a deep dive into the ‘legality’…

The Book Influencer: Vetting the Books You Share

For those in the Bookstagram community, there is always one drama or another when it comes to what we share on Instagram. It becomes difficult deciding which books to share,…

9 Things Women with Perimenopause Need to Know

For women growing older, we learn quickly that as our bodies change after our child-bearing years, the health care industry is no longer interested in helping us. They can’t explain…

Book Review: Becoming Madam Secretary

For those who love historical fiction and American politics, I have a new book suggestion for you that releases on March 12, 2024, called Becoming Madam Secretary by Stephanie Dray.

Christie’s Elton John Memorabilia Auction

Elton John is auctioning off items from his Peachtree Road home in Atlanta.