Lies, Love, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Lies, Love and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  A young woman trying to make it in Hollywood as a film editor finds herself in a predicament.  She is a brand new employee at Portal Pictures and her boss is a drunk.  All of the work he was supposed to put into Sliver of Midnight fell upon her.  She ended up doing everything.

When it comes time for the final cuts, he is passed out on the couch and she needs to get final approval for the film.  She needs someone to take a look at it.  So when she runs into her friend and colleague from a rival studio at a club while she is trying to get her boss to go back to the office, she turns to him for assistance.

Silvia Bradshaw edited her heart out for this film and the executives realize that this could be an Academy Award winning film on their hands.  But it is her boss that takes credit for the film, even though the filmmakers know he did nothing.

Meanwhile, Silvia’s feelings for her former colleague, Ben, starts to blossom.  But he has a girlfriend already.  Or does he?  

The danger lies in anyone finding out Ben worked on this film.  It could jeopardize their relationship and careers forever.

The Verdict

The real story goes much deeper than just a romance and a girl trying to make it in Hollywood.

Silvia has a disability.  She lost her eye to cancer when she was a child.  Audrey Hepburn died the day she lost her eye.  So she imagined Audrey as being her angel and protector while she battled cancer.

When she received her first prosthetic, she called the eye ‘Audrey.’  

Overcoming this adversity adds to the difficulties women go through in Hollywood just to be accepted.  Silvia is supposed to be a heroine in this story, fighting for recognition.  Yet, she has to bend to her male boss.  He is the one that will take all the credit for her work, because that’s the way it is.

The author’s dedication is really symbolic to the message she is trying to share in Silvia’s story.  “To all the women who work in Hollywood, and in other creative endeavors, who are making the changes needed to have their creativity and voices heard and recognized.”

There’s also the ghost of change in this book, Audrey Hepburn.  What Silvia knows about Audrey mostly comes from her films.  She never really saw how Audrey lived her life.  When she learns how inspiring and meaningful life can be by being the change, she decides to follow Audrey’s example of how she lived her life.

What this book ultimately represents beyond a romantic comedy is inspiring change for women trying to make it in a boy’s club world.  The author seeks to inspire women to live inspirational lives (like Audrey), but also to fight for their work.  

If you’ve put in all the work, don’t let someone else take credit for it.  Fight for your right to get your name put on it.  Get exactly what you worked hard for.  Speak up for yourself.

There’s also the need to have more representation in these industries.  Women, as well as men, should help to encourage other women to enter these sectors.  Even if she’s dating the guy you’re in love with, help her get her foot in the door, because the world needs women in the business.

You have to uplift each other, not sabotage each other’s efforts.  In other words, we’re all in this together with the same mission in mind…more equal representation.

The book is inspirational and a fun read.  I enjoyed it because it talked a lot about Audrey and movies, two subjects I love.  Even moreso, I am happy the book discussed Audrey’s life works beyond movies.  It helps give you the road map on how one should live their life.

4 out of 5 stars.