The Paperless Post

You can create your own holiday cards to send to all of your family and friends.  It can be as personalized as this Halloween card I sent out to my friends of my fur monster, Matthew Lucifer.

You can choose from designers like Kate Spade New York (pictured here), Rifle Paper, Sugar Paper, Charlotte Olympia, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and many more.  

You also get to customize the background (note the marble background) and the envelope liner.

This is a SPONSORED post.

So after playing around with Paperless Post, I have to admit, I find their offerings to be very beautiful, simple and unique.  While I love paper, I do like the upgrade from the Evite era of invitations.  You can send out really cool invitations and get RSVPs back via email.

You can try them out here.  How does it work?  You purchase coins on their site to create and send out your Paperless Post.  From wedding invitations to party invites and announcements, you can create it all at Paperless Post.  In this virtual world we live in, this is the way to go.

A Tool for Bloggers

As a blogger, I see a different type of opportunity that Paperless Post should explore.  Using their designs to create unique and beautiful blog posts, they could serve as a major tool for bloggers who want to pretty up their content.

This is actually something I’ve been looking into all summer long…a way to pretty up blog posts beyond just the boring white backgrounds you see on blogs.  With Paperless Post, I can see how a short blog post or a recipe can be written out on their products.  

I tried to feature what I would love to do with Paperless Post’s design offerings for my site (see the first card), and realized they are missing out on a unique revenue stream from bloggers.  While this is a sponsored post, I have permission to showcase their product offerings.  But to continue using their product for purposes of this site, I can only say they would be missing out on a unique financial stream from bloggers who want to follow suit and write out entire blog posts using their tools and designs.    

So Paperless Post, you should consider developing content specifically for bloggers and business owners that want to pretty up their online content.  I can see how this can be a lot like Canva, but better.  They would definitely have me as a loyal customer if this can be developed.  

Oh, and I’m warning everyone on my Christmas card list…I’ll be sending out that ‘Tis the Season’ card this year.  It is perfection.

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post.  I received free product for purposes of an unbiased review.