Looking for Your Next Book? Try Book of the Month

Do you ever wonder what you should read next?  There are so many titles to choose from, but what book should you get?  Have you seen the prices of books?  No wonder why Amazon is putting bookstores out of business…

Wait…maybe I went too far.

Let me take this back a little.  A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine visited me.  We went into Barnes & Noble so she could pick up a few magazines.  I perused the books on all of the tables, but I didn’t pick up any books.

I said to my friend, “I’ve either read everything here or I have the book already.”  She responded, “That does not surprise me.”  She’s seen my library and all of my advanced copies of books.

Technically speaking, everything I need to read, I already have.  I don’t really buy books anymore, except once in a blue moon while I’m on Amazon looking for an answer to what ails me.  There are some titles that I am not able to get my hands on because I make it to the publisher’s booth too late (for instance, I missed out on Celeste Ng’s “Little Fires Everywhere” last summer).  I have a serious fear of missing out when it comes to books.

So while I was looking for a title I did not own already, I flipped the paperback over to see the price and almost fainted at how much a book costs these days.  Now, I understand why Amazon is putting bookstores out of business.

The Answer to My Fear of Missing Out

So every now and again, there’s a title that for some reason does not make it into my hands and I am left going…I kind of need that book!  Well, the answer to my fear of missing out now comes in the form of $14.99/month from the Book of the Month club.  Not only was I able to get my hands on a new title, I was able to get Celeste Ng’s book for free by using the July code: SUGARHIGH.

When you look online, the hardcover is over $20 for “The Summer Wives.”  So $14.99 for a new hardcover book is a serious deal.  Plus, the more people you refer, the more credits you can receive for more free books.

The way it works is that at the beginning of every month Book of the Month releases a list of 5 new titles that should be the “IT” books for the month.  Of the 5, you can pick one for your monthly membership.  You can also choose additional titles for an additional $9.99, or you can use credits).

What I love about Book of the Month is that this is a perfect way to start up your very own Book Club.  No more fear of missing out on what everyone else is reading.  You can stay on top of your reading game.  So get your girlfriends to join, your mom, your aunts, cousins, etc.  Maybe you can share the different titles between your little network.

So far, I am enjoying this club.  It’s every bibliophile’s answer to keeping on top of all of the latest IT titles.


P.S. I’m thinking of having our own little book club here based on BOTM titles.  If interested, comment below and I’ll work it into next month’s title rotations.