The Great Gatsby

Before reading Gatsby, I began with “The Art of X-Ray Reading.”  This book highlights 25 great works of literature, starting with Gatsby.  I decided to read each of the works mentioned in X-Ray after reading each chapter.  In the Gatsby chapter, he talks about the use of color and use of certain words that foreshadows the events that are about to occur.  For instance, if you did not know how the book ends, or what was up with Mr. Gatsby, Fitzgerald’s use of the words imagination, wonder, and dream occurs frequently throughout the book, especially at the end of each chapter.  He also describes the use of color and its symbolism throughout the book.  For writers wanting to learn how to write better, he suggests reading certain sentences out loud, or even writing them down.  It will help you become a better writer by churning the beauty of words around.  For readers, X-Ray will help you have a deeper meaning in the material you are reading.

As for this book, I can’t believe I did not read this sooner.  It is so beautifully written.  Fitzgerald is a master of words.  I sighed many times as I read this 180+ page book, because of the words, not because of the story.  This is the way the love of words should come together.  It is magical.

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