Little Bigfoot, Big City

I am not going to lie, I really loved this story.  Sure, the book is for kids, but for this blogger who is always using social media, I learned a few things from these kids.  I did not read the first book, but I plan on picking it up (as soon as I get through the other 87 books I have to review).  This story follows two young girls, Millie and Alice.  These two girls are a little different than most kids.  For one, Millie is a bigfoot.  Alice, on the other hand, knows there’s something different about her, but she doesn’t know what that is.  Millie dreams of becoming a famous singer, so  she enters an online contest and uses one of the girls at school to lip sync while she sings.  She learns the importance of being more internet savvy to get votes (a little lesson for myself).  But while she’s pursuing her dream, her friendship with Alice starts to wane.  While Millie is busy trying to become the next big star, Alice starts looking for some truths of her own.  This sends her down a very dangerous hole filled with government conspiracies and cover-ups.

An excellent and fun read.  For parents, this is a book to read to your children.  They are going to love it. Or if you’re like me and just want a little escape from reality, pick this book up.  You’ll fall in love with the littlest bigfoot.

[I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.]