Cirque du Freak: Tunnels of Blood (Book 3)

As we go further into this series, we start to learn more about the secretive vampire Mr. Crepsley.  An old friend of Crepsley’s stops by the Cirque to deliver a message…there’s a bad vampire killing people in his hometown.  He packs things up and brings Darren and Evra (the snake boy) with him.  For Darren and Evra, this is a mini vacation away from the Cirque while Crepsley sneaks around town.  He doesn’t tell the boys why they are there, while the bodies keep piling up.  Darren assumes that the murderer is Crepsley and seeks to stop him by ending his life.  Evra and Darren start following Crepsley, only to find that they’ve put their own lives in grave danger.

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