One of my favorite poets is Lord Byron.  When I first started reading this play, I had no idea this was about an event that may or may not have happened in Lord Byron’s life.  Set in Sidley Park, we switch between the days of Byron and the current day.  In Byron’s day, we meet Thomasina and her tutor, Septimus Hodge.  What are they discussing?  Carnal embrace.  A foreshadowing of the main topic: Lord Byron.

In present day, Valentine (Bill Nighy starred in the first stage adaptation) discovers a book once owned by Septimus containing three letters.  This book was discovered among Byron’s books.  Valentine, working with author Hannah Jarvis, attempts to try to find the connection between Sidley Park, Septimus Hodge, Thomasina and Lord Byron.  Was he in Sidley Park?  Could what happened here be the reason why he fled England shortly afterward?

As the past unveils and the future tries to erroneously put two and two together, hilarity ensues.

Well written and extremely interesting.  Who knew there was a society devoted to the life and works of Byron?

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