American Gods

As America became the new land people throughout the world immigrated to over the last few centuries, they brought their gods with them.  Now, the gods of yesterday (Norse, Egyptian, etc.) battle against the gods of today (the internet, television, etc.) for survival.  Shadow is thrown in the middle of this war and he has no idea why the gods have taken an interest in him.  Wednesday (Odin) hires him as his driver as they seek out the gods of old to join in the war against the new gods or risk becoming extinct.  What no one knows is that there’s a two person con going on.  Who are the con men in this story?  That is the question.  For those who’ve seen the Starz series, this book will give you a sneak peek into next season and what you can look forward to.  Excellent story and a great way to learn about the gods of old from all around the world.  I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next.  Also, watch the Starz series if you haven’t yet.  Great show!

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