The Last Namsara

Due to be released on October 3, 2017.  Asha is the Iskari – bringer of death to dragons.  As daughter of the dragon king, she hunts down dragons and tries to extinguish the old stories, the poisonous tales that killed her mother.  As a child, Asha told the stories to dragons until her mother died.  The first dragon wanted her all to himself, but when she said she would not continue the stories, he hunted her down and burned her.  The commandant found her and brought her home.  As a reward for saving his daughter, the king promised that when she came of age, he could have her hand in marriage.  As Asha  approaches her 18th birthday, her father allows her a way out of the wedding.  Bring him the head of the first dragon, and she is free.  As she begins the hunt, the old gods begin to visit her in her dreams and set her upon a mission that will reveal the truth about everything that happened to her, the dragons and the kingdoms around her.

An incredible tale of courage that challenges you to question everything you’ve ever been told.  Sometimes the real enemy can be the person you trust the most.

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