The Exact Nature of Our Wrongs

This book is set to be released on September 19, 2017.  Exploring the dysfunctional family dynamic, Peery takes us into the lives of the Campbell family.  Just how does a family become dysfunctional?  Does the book ever find an answer?  No, but then again, maybe it does.  For those who come from families struggling to love each other, this book helps you to see that a) you are not alone, and b) there are people out there who have it worse than you do.  Or perhaps you may see yourself and your own family in these pages.  You may ask how you can escape going down this same path.  If anything, this book is eye opening in that it helps us look within our own pain to find some sanity in the place where the pain hurts the worst…the wrongs committed against us by the people we are supposed to love and they are supposed to love us…our family. [Review]

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