This is the new 1994 of our age.  This YA book is 1984 for our kids.  Mixed with the realities of our age, this book explores a grim future for human beings after our world changes due to climate change.  Letta is the new Wordsmith in one of the only civilizations left.  She is responsible for creating The List, a set of words that each person is allowed to speak.  They are not allowed to speak any words outside of The List.  They believe that words were part of the world’s demise.  Animals survived, but humans barely survived.  Letta lives in a world where one man rules and will go through great lengths to keep the world safe, even if that means silencing and killing all of humanity.  Letta and her new friends seek to save humanity, with that comes letting go of the establishment and safety to do what is right.  One of the best books I’ve read in a long time.  A book you will never forget (like 1984).

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