Rich People Problems

I really love this series.  In book three of Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians,” Ah Ma is dying.  Everyone descends upon Tyersall Hall to say goodbye and stake their rights in the Will.  Nick and Astrid find themselves banished from their ancestral home.  It takes a couple of servants to sneak them in to see Ah Ma one last time before she dies.  What erupts afterward is the same old drama.  They fight over what will happen next with their legacy.  Astrid is plunged into a sex tape scandal and could lose custody of her son.  Nick is trying to amend past wrongs with Ah Ma and keep her legacy alive.  Eddie is his usual, “It’s all about me.  Pay attention to me.”  Kitty is trying to destroy her step-daughter, Colette, the same woman behind Rachel’s poisoning in book two.  Colette has also found an upgrade and a way back into society, but she’s looking at it from a global scale after her humiliation in China.  All in all, it’s your basic everyday billionaire drama.  You know, the kind of tabloid gossip you can’t look away from.  It’s Gossip Girl Asian style.

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