On My Radar: Fashion Picks For Now & To Invest In

There are so many beautiful and fun items out now that caught my eye.  From the Gucci boots (my God, they are gorgeous) to the Fenty Puma x Rihanna sneakers to the Asos Unicorn Flats, there are so many awesome shoes out there ready to grace our manicured feet.

I am in love with the Needle & Thread maxi dress, as well as the Free People ballet wrap pants.  What to have fun in now and what to invest in?  Have fun with the sneakers, invest in the Sam Edelman bow flats.  Invest in the Maeve dress, but have fun in the off the shoulder dresses.  Buy the Talbots plaid purse for now, and invest in the Givenchy Antigone for the bag you’ll carry for the rest of your life.

As a rule of thumb, never spend a lot of money on items that will last only a few seasons.  Invest in items that will last a lifetime, both in quality and in style.  The green floral Alice + Olivia dress will be in style 40 years from now.  The style has already been popular since the 1960’s and it is still going strong.

Stick to A-line skirts and dresses for staying power.  It flatters every woman.  The style is forgiving if you gain a little weight below the waist.

Also, consider adding a few artistic pieces into your wardrobe.  Art never goes out of style.  The Gucci boots will still look fabulous 20 years from now.  Also, the Loft jacket will still look amazing decades later over an evening dress, your Sunday’s best, or at the office.

Most importantly, you have to learn what YOUR STYLE is.  If you do not know what your style is, consider going through your closet in the KonMari fashion.  Look at each piece of clothing to determine what fits and which items bring you joy. Keep only the clothing that fits and brings you joy.

After you complete this task, take a look at what remains.  In those items that remain, you will discover your own personal style.   The key to finding that style all lies in the joy you find in the pieces that remain.  In a way, you will discover who you are in the fashion sense.

From there, you will get a sense of how to build your wardrobe, focusing only on items that compliment your style.  There will always be a lot of trial and errors, but discovering your style will only help you become wiser when you continue to invest in new items for your wardrobe.

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