Beauty Journal Spa Days

Sundays are my spa days.  This is the day I try out all of the different products I receive, including the stuff my friends recommend.

This past weekend, I extended the spa day to Saturday, because I wanted to try out the Sulwhasoo K-Beauty treatment.  The following day, I used all of the products you see in the picture above.

Here are the products I’ll be discussing today.


K-Beauty is short for Korean Beauty.  This is a phenomenon that is starting to kick up steam in the United States.  Korean women are known for the soft youthful skin.  What we did not know is that these women have an intensive skin regimen.

For some lines, they use ten different beauty products every day.  Sulwhasoo created an introductory box that has only five products you can apply.  They also include full sized bottles of the Essential Balancing Water EX and Essential Balancing Emulsion EX.  According to Neiman Marcus, they are the “two key products to hydrate and balance the skin at the beginning of your skincare routine.”

After washing my face in the morning, I applied all five of the products to my face.  I recommend only doing this during the day, and not using this as an evening routine.  I tried the latter and ended up feeling very itchy.  I did not have the same reaction during the daytime.

By the afternoon I noticed something that I have not seen happen with any other product I tried thus far.  My pores were miraculously smaller.  My face also felt so much softer.

Of all the products I tried, Sulwhasoo gave me the best results.

Sulwhasoo is an expensive regimen.  I recommend purchasing the Essential Duo Set first to try the products out.  You will receive five sample sizes to try out, and the full sized bottles of the toner and emulsion.  So if you feel like continuing the K-Beauty care, you only have to buy three other products.

The Duo Set is $121.  After the results I received, I feel that the money was well spent.

Sunday Spa Day

At first, I wanted to report that you should never use one of the products I tried out.  But then I spoke to my friend about it and she explained I made a mistake.  So I’m going to have to give this product another try.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Spa days start with a long shower, trying out new products.  I received a sample of L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Shampoo and Conditioner.  While my hair felt fabulous in the shower, it did not give me the same results as Clear Complete Scalp does.

I am a loyal user of Clear shampoo products.  I am always happy with the results.

I washed my face with Dior Gentle Foaming Cleanser, before using the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion treatment.  I followed that up with the Fresh Honey Mask and then the Karuna K-Beauty mask.

I applied the One Love Organics to my arms and legs.  It’s a nice oil spray you can mist onto your body post-shower.

After the masks, I exfoliated my lips using the Fresh lip polish with the Bliss Spa Pout-o-Matic.  This device is similar to the Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System, but for your lips.  I usually switch between Fresh and the Bliss lip exfoliants.

So the part where I went wrong was applying the Breathe Deeply on my face.  There is alcohol in it and it burned my skin immediately.  I raced to take it off of my face as it turned red, before I could feel the cooling mint on my skin.

This is why it was a bad idea: the microdermabrasion.   My skin was raw from the treatment.  That is why I had the reaction.  I am going to try the Breathe Deeply again at some juncture, just not after an exfoliation.

My Favorites

Of all the products I tried this weekend, the Sulwhasoo tops the list.  I also love the Fresh Honey Mask.  I find myself using this mask again and again over the other treatments.

As for the Karuna mask, I am not sold on this beauty treatment.  This is not my first time using it.  I believe the Sulwhasoo beauty treatment is far superior to what the Karuna mask is trying to do.

My only comment on Dr. Brandt’s microdermabrasion is that I was pleasantly surprised I did not have an allergic reaction to it.  That was my main fear since I have super sensitive skin.  It feels like sand paper, but it does do what it says it will do.

I plan on using Sulwhasoo more often because out of everything I tried, it is the only skincare regimen that had immediate and positive results.  If you’re going to spend the money, it is better to spend it on something that works for you and not waste it on the products that have little to no results.