50 Items from J.Crew Every NYC It Girl Has In Her Closet

Every NYC It Girl goes to J.Crew for the basics.  Striped shirts, stadium coats, button up shirts, t-shirts, skirts and blazers are all in their arsenal.

J.Crew is my go-to for every single preppy basic a woman needs in her closet.  Their basics are not always so basic.  They put a fresh spin on it.  Sometimes a striped t-shirt will have extremely long buttoned cuffs.  Each year, they release their classic stadium coat in a new eye alluring color.

The items from J.Crew withstand the test of time.  Each season, I buy the exact same thing in a new color.  I have the same striped shirt in several colors and lengths.  I own several stadium coats in various colors.  T-shirts come in every shade of the pretty rainbow that J.Crew plucks out of the sky.

The most incredible thing about buying J.Crew basics is that every season they showcase those basic items and show you how to style it for the new season.  Whoever thought to wear a button up under a t-shirt?  J.Crew thought of it.  Why not tuck part of your shirt in and leave the rest out?  J.Crew thought of that, too.

They bank on their It Girls already owning the exact same basic products they advertise.  That is why their catalogs showcase each of those items, but present you with a new way to wear those basics each season.

That mint top you purchased last year will go perfectly with their new tulle skirt this season.  Those pink pants you bought last season will match the new vibrant pink shoes this season.  That striped basic top, you should try pairing with a floral pencil skirt.  The  bright yellow top you bought and have no idea how to wear it, don’t worry, it will go with this season’s pink skirt or with the emerald green jacquard pants this winter.

J.Crew provides inexpensive basic pieces you can play up or down each season.  They bank on their customers owning the basics from their collection.  Their catalog each season shows you exactly how to wear the current fashion trends with the basics you already own.  That is the beauty of J.Crew.  In a way, it is very French chic.

What to Buy

Here are pieces every NYC it girl has in her closet.  For those new to J.Crew, you should focus on purchasing a black blazer, striped t-shirt, a colorful assortment of t-shirts in various grades (the weight of the tee is different according to season), a stadium coat, trench coat, a white button down shirt, and a cashmere sweater.

You can go neutral if you want, but try buying items in various colors.  Each season, those colors are reintroduced in a new way, paired with an item you may already own, or you can invest in.

J.Crew is a classic way of learning how to build up your wardrobe with qualitative pieces that have staying power.