How to Stop Traffic Wearing Reds: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I am stepping out of my comfort zone a lot lately, daring to wear red.  In the past few months, I donned a red dress here and there and received many compliments.

These dresses are not necessarily dresses that show off my assets.  They are just showstoppers because of the color.  It literally stops people in their tracks, just like a stop light does.  People take notice when they see red.

I wore this Kate Spade ensemble to the office this week.  A lot of the ladies stopped to remark at how cool it looked.  It was light and airy.  The matching bag though is my favorite.

Before you think you cannot afford to spend $726 on an outfit like this, get it for $139 like I did through Rent the Runway Unlimited.  You choose any three items out at any time for $139/month.  It is perfect for those who love expensive clothing, have a constant rotating closet, or just want to be a minimalist.  Or you can just buy it because you have to own it.

Personally, I own way too much clothing as is, but every now and again, I like the thought of having something new to wear.  I usually wear an item once every season (because I have that many clothes).  It’s nice that RTRU is around so I can minimize my closet and still have something fun to wear to work and out for the evening without adding to my closet.

Don’t be scared to wear red.  Sometimes just trying it out will amaze you.  If you’re afraid to make that bold of a statement, start small with a red accessory.  Even a red jacket is a step in the right direction.  Red has a misnomer of being a sexy color.  It can also be a color of energy, strength, power, passion, love and desire.  It can be all of those things or one of those things…it just depends on how you wear it.

Here are all of my favorite red fashion items.  What is your favorite?