50 Artful Handbags Every Fashionista Needs to Carry

Gucci Dionysus Floral Satchel Bag

Every woman should have at least one handbag that is a piece of art.  When you place it on a shelf, it is a bag you look at adoringly.

Maybe it is a designer bag that you saved up for, or one you found on sale, or that gem you found in a thrift store.  Perhaps you carried it during a special moment in your life.  Whatever it is, you must have that one bag that you look at with great fondness.

This bag is your go to bag during those special occasions when you want to show off something extraordinary.

Handbags are their own works of art.  Find one that brings you great joy every time you look at it.

Here are 50 bags for your consideration.  Maybe you’ll find something you love, or one that will inspire you to go find your next great find.