The Woman in Cabin 10

If you liked “Girl on the Train,” this is your kind of book.  A reporter is covering a story about a luxury cruise liner for her magazine.  Days before they embark, her apartment is burglarized while she is in it.  Despite being frazzled and injured from the incident, she still goes on the cruise because she realizes the importance of her career advancement.  What she doesn’t realize is that a murder is about to go down in the cabin next to hers.  Or was there a murder?  With no one missing from the ship, and everyone, including the staff accounted for, did she dream this up?  Being on medication and drinking alcohol incessantly does not help the situation as the people aboard think that she is inept and is making up the whole story, while she is adamant that she is right.  Someone was killed in the cabin next to hers.  Either she is going crazy or someone is making her go crazy.

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