China Rich Girlfriend

I love the Kevin Kwan series about insanely rich Asians and how they live, invest, make money, and spend money.  A mom with an Hermes Birkin obsession (and has a whole closet full of them), boys who love their luxury cars, young women who love every luxury designer look?  I mean…it’s every fashionista’s dream book (like the Shopaholic series, but these people have the money to spend it).  This is book two in Kwan’s series.  In book two, Rachel and Nick head to China on their honeymoon where she has found she has a brother, but more importantly, she’s discovered who her father is.  They are led into the world of the Chinese billionaires and their extravagant homes, airplanes, and lifestyle.  Rachel is there to see her father, but there is a plot to keep her from ever seeing him, and that may cost her life.

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