Book Review: Like My Father Always Said

mchughBook Review – Like My Father Always Said…: Gruff Advice, Sweet Wisdom, and Half-Baked Instructions on How to Fix Your Stuff and Your Life, by Erin McHugh

Just in time for Father’s Day, Erin McHugh’s “Like My Father Always Said…” is a collection of sayings from fathers that McHugh gathered after creating a similar book for mothers in Like My Mother Always Said…: Wise Words, Witty Warnings, and Odd Advice We Never Forget.

Fathers tend to give advice that is very unusual and quite different than the wise sage advice we get from our mothers.  Here are a few quips from the book:

“Do it right or do it again.”  – Norm, father of Erik

“Those of you who are standing around saying it can’t be done are bothering those of us who are doing it.” – Dewey, father of Jean

“If you can’t go one way, go the other.” – Henry, grandfather of Josie

“Do whatever you want to do-Figure it out and I will explain it to mom later.” – Bob, father of Robin

“Don’t ever think you are better than another person.” – Edward, father of Tina

“When you surround yourself with good people and work hard, good things happen.”  – Dick, grandfather of Tommy

“Your only responsibility in life is to be kind.” – Freddie, father of Marion

“Keep your head down and stay the course.” – Robert, father of Christina

I selected these quotes to share here because they go right along with the theme of this site.  It’s about living every single dream possible.  These little instructions above are just a few of the many items you will find throughout the book.

This book will make a great gift for fathers, or just about anybody out there.  As I was reading through this, I had wished my father had given some sort of bits of wisdom like this.  But after reading the advice from all of these different fathers, I feel much wiser than I did before.

I think the most interesting quote in this book came from Brad Meltzer.  I had just met him the day before when I read his contribution to this book.  It really made me laugh at how supportive his father was of his writing career.  He was his biggest fan, so much that when he woke up from anesthesia after his surgery, he told his son that he was selling his books in heaven.  Brad’s response had me laughing.

That was the story that touched my heart the most.

If you pick up this book for your father for Father’s Day, make sure to pick up a copy for yourself and your siblings, too.  All of the sayings in this book are great advice for everyone.  It’s a quick read that you will definitely enjoy.

I always say it takes a village in order to help each other.  McHugh managed to create a village of fathers to give sound, maybe a little crazy, but wise advice to us all.

The book is available now.

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