An American in Paris on Broadway

An American in Paris is playing at the Palace Theatre on Broadway.
An American in Paris is playing at the Palace Theatre on Broadway.

The classic show “An American in Paris” is back on Broadway.  Before they had their Opening Night, I was able to see the show during previews and I have to say, it literally blew me away.  It is no surprise at all to see that “An American in Paris” tops the nominees for the Tony Awards, receiving 12 nominations.

Let me explain what was so fabulous about “An American in Paris.”  First, for those who do not know, the show is a musical ballet.  What made this show absolutely breathtaking was the prima ballerina Leanne Cope (Lise Dassin).

In the scene where she is trying out for a role in a ballet company, she is not allowed to rehearse with the other ballerinas after arriving to the rehearsal late.  At one point, she goes ahead and sneaks in and starts dancing with the others before taking off to dance on her own.  It is this moment that is particularly breathtaking because you not only see a phenomenal performance, you see Cope’s passion in her dancing.  It is this passion that set her apart from any other character in the production.  Her awe-inspiring performance throughout as a ballerina was like watching a ballerina in heaven dancing before your eyes.  That was how perfect she was.  You could get lost watching her dance.  Her passion for ballet could be seen in each step she took.  That is what made her so incredible.  That is what makes any actor so incredible…their ability to come up with a spectacular performance because they are doing what they love.

I knew nothing about the background of the musical, so I was surprised that there were a few numbers I grew up with like “I Got Rhythm,” “‘S Wonderful,” and “Shall We Dance” that were in the show.

The costumes throughout were absolutely gorgeous.  I wish I could add all of the dresses into my wardrobe.  They were so beautiful.

The story is about three men who are in love with a young ballerina.  There’s the composer who writes an entire ballet to immortalize her.  There’s the rich man who wants to marry her because that’s what his parents want him to do.  Then there is the soldier who steals her heart, but her obligations to the rich man prevent her from being with him.

These three men…just so happen to be friends and they are all in love with the same girl.

Who does she choose?  Well, you’ll have to see the musical for yourself.  Here’s a sneak peek…


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