A Night Out on Broadway: Matilda

MatildaI’ve been in NYC for a decade now and one thing I always wanted to do prior to moving here was go and see Broadway shows all of the time.  But that ended up going to the wayside because who wants to drop over a hundred bucks all of the time for 2.5+ hours of your time?

Granted, I joined a Broadway club, which doesn’t meet as frequently as I’d like it to.  Our last outing was back in April.

I’m always looking for deals to shows where I don’t wait in line at TKTS like the tourists do.

Now, there’s an app that puts all of my needs at my fingertips.

I was able to get tickets to Matilda for $27 ($37 ticket + $10 fee – $20 off coupon=$27).

Here’s how it works.

  1. Download the Today Tix app.
  2. Find the show you want at the price range you want to pay (they usually list the lowest price for the show in the corner of each banner).
  3. Look online for a voucher code before submitting payment.
  4. Plug in the voucher code and pay for your ticket through the app.
  5. You’ll get an email confirming your purchase (or letting you know if they were not able to secure a ticket for you), as well as the location where you will meet the concierge (which is usually near the theatre).
  6. 30 minutes prior to the show, find the concierge at the designated location, pick up your ticket(s) and go to the show.

It’s such a simple process.  No lines at TKTS.  Just order the tix through the app, meet the concierge near your theatre, pick up your tix and go.  You don’t even have to spend time in line at the box office to pick up your tickets.

If you’re in NYC looking to see a show, use the Today Tix app, and the code KCZJB to get $20 off your order.  This is a special code they gave to me to share as a thank you for using their app.

As for the show, it was a lot of fun.  Not all of the elements from the movie were in it, which was fine.

I think my favorite part was Matilda’s storytelling.  She came up with the most ridiculous story, but in the end, it wasn’t such a ridiculous tale she was making up to tell the librarian.  Matilda is definitely the master of cliffhangers.

These kids are so talented.  The adults threw in so much character.  They all did an amazing job.  It is worth bringing the family to see.  The show is around 2 hours and 20 minutes (plus a 15-minute intermission).  All of the kids around me really enjoyed the show.

Just make sure to unplug yourself from your devices during the production.  There is nothing ruder than to turn your phone on when the production is going on. Save your texting, tweeting, Instagraming, or whatever the hell else you use your phone for, for the intermission or before/after the show.  If you must text or call someone, excuse yourself from the area and use your phone in the hallway. Do not use it in the theatre.  The screen distracts everyone that can see it, which, at any given moment, is everyone sitting behind you and to your side.  That’s a lot of people you’re pissing off.

If you cannot unplug, you should probably not go to a theatrical production.  It is also a sign that you have a problem.

I also wonder what manners you’re teaching your children when you take out your phone and use it during a theatrical production when you know you are not supposed to have it on.

That’s my mini rant.

At any rate, if you can and know how to unplug yourself from your devices, try out the app if you’re wanting to head to a Broadway show.  No waiting in line, and better prices than TKTS, Playbill or any other discount site is offering (plus they have voucher codes)!

I’ll be using Today Tix more often now, because I have a long list of shows I’ve been wanting to see.  I’m thinking Cinderella or Hedwig & the Angry Itch as my next show.

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