Montmartre Through My Eyes

Sacré Cœur (c) 2012 Michelle Kenneth
Sacré Cœur (c) 2012 Michelle Kenneth

One of my favorite places in Paris is Montmartre.  Some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had in Paris, I found in Montmartre.  I loved the little markets and artists selling their paintings.  More importantly, there’s Sacré Cœur at the top of the hill.  When you start at the bottom and climb your way up to the top, your reward isn’t just the cathedral.  When you turn around, you can see all of Paris behind you.

Here is my collection of photographs I took a few years ago when I made the big climb up the hill to Sacré Cœur.  What I look for are the unique details that make everything so special.  It’s finding these unique details that allows me to sneak by and get away with stuff while I’m photographing…especially in Paris.

One evening when I was photographing Notre Dame, the guards were closing up the church telling tourists to leave.  I turned around and a couple of guards told me it was okay.  I could stay.  They had been standing behind me for several minutes watching what I was doing without my knowledge.  They saw on the screen what I was taking photos of and said that I was looking at the cathedral the way they saw the cathedral.  It was because of that, they wanted me to continue.  I saw the beauty in the littlest detail and I was capturing each moment.

What you’ll see here are the moments I found beautiful while visiting Sacré Cœur.  What’s funny is that during this climb up the hill, I was followed by a group of photographers who were watching me set up shop and photograph along the way.  They followed me and tried to duplicate each shot.  I felt like I was their teacher and they were my students.


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