Friday Loves

What’s captured my eye this week?  Well, a few things worth sharing in today’s Friday Loves.

1. TOTAL RECALL.  Ok…the hype is…it will suck because a) it’s a remake of a classic movie loved by many, and b) Colin Farrell is in it. 

The TRUTH is a) the storyline is way better than the first movie…i.e. it’s a different story with some similar elements (like the name and the program REKALL), but this time there’s no Mars stuff. 

As far as b) goes…Colin was in the movie, but the ladies, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel dominated the movie.  This movie belonged to the ladies.  Kate kicked ass better than she ever has before in any flick (that means that Underworld has now been outclassed in Kate awesomeness by Total Recall). 

Seriously, I love Kate, but the fact that she owned this flick…that is worth watching in every single way possible. 

I didn’t know what to make of this film when I agreed to go.  I have to say…No Regrets.  This baby is making it to my film collection when it hits DVD. 

Special thanks to Sony for the movie passes!

From NY Daily News

2. RICK NASH.  Ok…I’m no longer a hockey writer, so I can now say this.  Want to know what the girls and I are talking about?  The awesomeness of soon to be New Yorker, Rick Nash.  Oh, us Rangers fans New Yorkers have a gem on our hands!

Word going around out of Columbus, Ohio today is that Mr. Nash took out an ad in the Columbus Dispatch (see page C5) to thank the fans.  Mr. Nash is on his way to the New York Rangers after agreeing to a trade to our beautiful city.  Of course, this makes us all happy that Mr. Nash is coming to New York…sad for Blue Jackets fans…but awesome for New York.

So you know there’s a story behind why the girls and I are talking about Mr. Nash, right? 

The first time I ever met Rick was at Starbucks.  It was actually kind of weird. 

I was with a friend on our road trip to Raleigh, North Carolina to see the Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Carolina Hurricanes.  We were in the same hotel as CBJ, so we ended up seeing them out and about in the little shopping area in front of the hotel.

I didn’t know Rick Nash before then.  We were in line to get coffee, when I took a photo of my coffee and Marty the Duck to share with followers.  While I was tweeting the pic, ends up that Rick was ‘pretending’ to make his coffee right next to me.  He was reading my phone over my shoulder.  Yes, he noticed Marty the Duck.  I was, of course, wearing a NJ Devils tank top.

When I turned around to grab a straw, I caught Rick reading over my shoulder.  He jumped back, tried to pretend he was adding stuff to his drink.  I just paused and looked at him like…ok…

I grabbed my straw and my friend and I headed out the door.  When we got outside she told me who that was and that he was like super famous or something.


So at the game that night, we were sitting behind the bench when Mr. Nash comes skating by during warm-ups.  He actually smiled and waved at both of us separately.  He said “Thank You for coming.” 

I was wearing a Devils tank earlier, she was wearing a Leafs jersey.  Go figure…we weren’t there for CBJ…or were we? 

Either way, this guy is a gem.  Further proof of it can be seen on page C5 of the Columbus Dispatch.

3.  Like I Don’t Have Enough Plates To Begin With.  So I’ve been enjoying the ombre look.  I bought two pairs of $99 Italian leather flats in ombre at Anthropologie.  When I ran across two women this week wearing dresses or shirts in ombre, I couldn’t help but sigh and think, “Oh, how lovely and beautiful!”

Well, this morning, I was flipping through Country Living (one of my favorite magazines) and saw that they did a special on watercolors…which aren’t too far off from the ombre look.  They listed a set of Kate Spade dishes with their MUST BUY watercolor looks.

I’m a sucker for the color blue, especially when teal is added to the mix. 

These dishes retail at $80 for this set of 4 pieces (as pictured) {that means $320 for 4 place settings}.  You can find them HERE.

4. My favorite discount store is closing its doors forever.  This really sucks.  I just discovered Daffy’s and now they’re retiring and closing their doors forever.  While the discounts will be tremendous in the next month…where am I going to buy my Valentino for $50 going forward?  {Why yes…I did stock up and buy out the remaining Valentino inventory at the Times Square store…that I could find.}

It’s very sad to see another major discount retailer succumb to this economy. 

While sad, Daffy’s loyalists…try not to cry while buying up the major discounts over the next month.  I’ll do my best to not ball my eyes out either.

5.  Best Photos of July.  Ah…National Geographic. How I worship thee.  Thou art the gods of photography.

National Geographic just released their best photos of July.  Just amazing how a brief second can create such amazing imagery. 

Check out their best of July photos HERE.  They simply call it “Pictures We Love: Best of July.”

When I grow up…I want to take photos like these.  They’re all so amazing the way they capture a second in life.


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