Bedroom Remodel Take Two

You know how you make all these plans for what to do over the weekend and then on Friday you feel that bit of a sore throat that turns into a sleepfest weekend?  Well…that was me last weekend.  Hello, bronchitis!  I was only awake long enough to meet with the Craigslist people who came to take the garment rack and elliptical trainer out of my apartment. 

That now means I have more room to maneuver around the bedroom.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put together the last unit with drawers or start sanding and painting the bureau with the new colors that came in from Martha Stewart’s line of paints.

So while I finish battling out this bronchial infection with soups and liquids, I can start planning for the next phase…the issues I see cropping up post-organization.


I may or may not be starting a new obsession with Bally shoes.  I just got my first pair of Bally heels for $100 at The Outnet clearance.  I put them on and they were more comfortable than my Adidas flip flops I wear around the house (you know…the ones swimmers wear).  Imagine…heels…more comfortable than your FLIP FLOPS!

I’ve had to lock up my credit cards for fear that I might be starting a new collection of shoes.  I want to get the organization under wraps first before buying another pair of Bally shoes.

A search on Pinterest today gave me a few ideas…

While this would be perfect for any fashionista’s fantasy shoe closet:

It’s so not happening.  I don’t have the space for a unit like that.  {I wish I did.}

While this might be more reasonable on space…

Apartments are usually smaller, so we need to work within the confines of a smaller space since the purse collection is taking up the majority of the space.

I can see this working within the confines of limited space…

This would be more ideal:

Or even this…

But honestly…I don’t like to look at my shoe collection, unless I’m displaying them like art…

I like that idea, as well as the slender, tall cabinet big enough for 5 rows of shoes (20 pairs)…the hunt would be on to find a similar cabinet.  {Anyone have any ideas?}

But what about those shoes you can’t display like your tennis shoes?  Or shoes that just won’t hang up like flats? 

I came across an ottoman that you could store shoes in…

But that doesn’t solve my solution, because this ottoman is way too bulky and would take up space.

So I started to think…how would I like to display my shoes, even the ones not worth displaying?  Here’s the solution I came up with:

I decided to go with the display cabinet (pending if I can find one) to display my couture shoes and use the matching shoe storage with shoe tags on the boxes for everything else.  I can store the bigger boots under the dresser and bed, and keep the majority of the shoes neatly organized as such in the closet.

[8/8/12 update: I never told you guys/gals what my colors were.  Well…before I start taking photos, I’m going to let you in on a secret color (besides white)…it’s Tiffany blue.  Today, I found Tiffany blue cardstock from Paper & More to wrap around the shoeboxes I already have (instead of spending money on new boxes).  I found a template for the shoe tags that I’ll be attaching the photos to and I’ll be using the white ribbon from all of my Tiffany & Co. purchases to tie the tags onto the boxes.  The card stock for 50 sheets of 11×17 paper cost me about $26 after shipping.  That should be more than enough to cover all of the boxes and create the tags.  Tiffany blue always makes us ladies happy.  That’s why it’s an accent color in the room!] 

As far as a place to just kick shoes off and organize them nicely? 

How about this????

I always have a pile of flats lying around the floor when I get home.  This would solve that dilemma by throwing them (neatly) into a basket under the console table.  I already have baskets there filled with magazines.  I can always move the magazines into holders and move them into the office/library. 

[8/8/12 Update: If you have a lot of flats, the best way to store them is to put one shoe inside of the other and then place them in the basket.  That keeps the flats together.  I actually displayed my flats standing them up inside the basket.  It makes it easier to find when you’re on the go.  Also, keep the tennis shoes in the back of the basket.  The way I displayed the shoes, the colorful flats were placed in the front.  That’s all you can see.  The basic flats and the tennis shoes went to the back of the basket.  You can’t even see them!]


This is a pretty bad situation right now.  I haven’t done laundry since June…which kind of surprises me that I have so many pairs of underwear.  Even more shocking is that I haven’t even put a dent on my wardrobe.  There’s still an overstuffed closet filled with clothing in there. 

But I do see the pile of clothes piling up that need to be laundered.  Once that is out of the way, here comes the next dilemma…how to store laundry between the monthly washes.  Yes…I do laundry ONCE a month. 

While the double hamper is ideal…

It may not fit.  Also, I could run across the issue of the color not matching.

So the next best bet?  This is the answer…

I can change the rectangular hamper to fit sideways or against the wall.  The circular hamper, allows for a different look to the room instead of going along with all of the rectangular furniture already in the room.  The circular hamper can hold the whites, while the bigger hamper can fit the darks. 

I also have to instill a new rule…laundry is done when the hampers fill up.

So that’s the next phase.  Now to find that cabinet!  For some reason I bet Ikea has something like it.

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