A Glimpse Into My Domain

Yesterday, I wrote about the crates I picked up at Daffy’s that created so much room underneath the windowsill.  Here’s a look at what I did. 

Inside the crate Surita is standing in front of, is her Le Creuset Tiffany Blue bowl that holds her water.  That Tiffany Blue is actually an accent color in my living room.  Next to her, are all of the art books I picked up for $5 (for all of them, plus more books).  The candlestick was on sale in a local shop in my neighborhood for $11.  In the crate above is a metal Venetian mask (in a lace pattern) that I picked up in Venice, Italy last month.  That was about 30 Euros (around $37.50 USD). 

On top of the box are votive glass candle holders I picked up from the Target dollar bins for…$1 for 3!  The plant…I got that for free.  Someone gave me a clipping from their office tree.  I kept it in water until the roots were long enough and then planted it in soil.  I’ve had that thing for 7 years.  It takes a while for trees to grow!

When I came into the living room this morning, I found Surita exactly where I knew she would be hanging out…in that area in front of the crates where she now has six more inches of space to sprawl out.

Oh, and for the trained world traveler’s eye…you might see somethig in that crate from Morocco.

It’s the book on top of the art books.  It’s a copy of the Koran in English.  The book was beautifully crafted both on the outside and inside.  There are similar patterns like the cover throughout the book on every single page.  It’s probably one of the coolest (and most beautiful) books I’ve ever picked up in my travels around the world. 

So that picture was me catching Surita at her water bowl this morning.  I came into the office to find this on my desk:

I still have no idea who left that there. 

So those are a couple of pictures from my morning.  How is your morning going for you?  Hopefully as pleasant as mine has been now that I have some coffee in my veins!

Have a great weekend!

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