Mint to Be Mint

So I’m a little behind in shopping posts…I blame this on the extra workload at the office, both of my teams in the playoffs (i.e. I have two teams to cover, but mainly the Devils), AND I’m just a little beyond obsessed with trading at Little Black Bag.  You should have seen some of the stuff I scored…oh wait, I was supposed to share that with you…  (in time)

But today, I’m going to share with you a dress I just had to buy. 

Isn’t it gorgeous?

This just so happens to be a Lucky magazine find at Lulu’s.  This Mint to Be Mint dress from Lulu’s is $26 with Lucky code: LUCKY1.  {Without the code, the dress is $44}

This dress sold out quickly the first time around.  I put my name on the list for notification when the dress came back in stock…a few days later it was back in stock (in my size) and I instantly whipped out the debit card.

This dress is perfect for just about anything this spring/summer.  From date nights to weddings to just hanging out with the girls in the park after work…this is the perfect warm weather essential.

It will also be perfect for Phoenix in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

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