Top 5 New Loves

Some things are just too good to wait until Friday to share.

1. Little Black Bag. Thanks to Fab Fatale for introducing me to this site.  For those who follow…you may have noticed I have a bit of a fetish with handbags.  I have a new handbag (or 2…sometimes 4) every single week.  LBB, on the other hand, would allow me to get up to 3 handbags (or a mix of home, jewelry, wallets, and cosmetics) for only $49.95/month (plus tax)…that’s about a $500 savings for me! 

Now, if you know your handbags…the names I see that are showing up…they range from the brands that are on the lower end, to the brands I actually purchase from Zappos (like Big Buddha, Kenneth Cole, Marc Jacobs, etc.). 

Here’s how it works…

1. Over 200+ options are available to you.  You choose 1 item. 

2. When you click checkout, 2 new items, along with your pick, appear that are selected for you by a stylist. You won’t know what the items are until you checkout.

3. After you checkout, you can then TRADE what’s in your bag for something else (if you want).

The trading is where it gets a little fun.  Say you don’t want that Steve Madden cuff that appeared from a stylist.  You can trade that cuff away for another bag in the same price range (or if you’re daring…for something worth more). 

People will make trade offers to you for the items in your cart.  If you like it, you can make the trade.  If you don’t, then you have up to 7 days to continue playing the trading game (or just have them ship what’s already in your bag to you).  After you like what you’re getting for $49.95 for that month, just click on SHIP MY BAG NOW.  They won’t ship or charge you until you click that button (or the 7 days of trading has expired).

I also like that if you play it smart, some people are so desperate for the item that you have, you could wind up with 2 items for the price of 1.  You could wind up with more than 3 items in your bag.

It’s a pretty good deal.  Right now, before the trades have gone down…my bag is worth $122.

Promo code that ends today (3/15/12) for 10% off: YAYA10

2. LIFEBOOKER.  I met someone from LifeBooker last night.  I had no idea what this site was until I looked it up today.  This site was so cool…I had to pass it along to my co-workers.

Lifebooker specializes in discounted spa, lifestyle, beauty, health and fitness.  Now, the one thing that really captured our eyes…the $99 Atlantic City limo.  Oh, we were passing that deal around.  The 6 weeks of language classes for $165 caught my eye, as well as a lot of spa packages.  The prices…well, to me, they were prices that were affordable and right up my alley.

Dance classes…stripper classes…cleanses…mani/pedis…oh, they have them all.

Sign up (free) and you may be on your way to some awesome discounts.

3. The Outnet Clearance Sale.  Net-a-Porter’s discount sister site is having a clearance sale on their clearance.  Nice, right? 

The only trick to accessing this sale…you need to be one of their registered customers.  Just sign up (FREE) and then you can access their sale.  It ends in 4 days.

Also…for those fantasy wardrobe followers…you should sign up for The Outnet now, because their $3 anniversary sale where you can score a Fendi bag, Valentino gown, or even a pair of Christian Louboutin for only $3…that’s coming up soon.  It’s just smarter to get the formalities out of the way now so you can score your invitation to shop the event.

All it costs you is just to sign up (free) and get on their email list (after all, how are you going to find out about the anniversary sale…OR shop this clearance event). 

I have to say…this clearance sale going on now…you can amass a pretty good collection of designer items for under $100.  Lots of stuff under $30.

4.  Lucky Chic.  I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about this site yet.  I have bigger plans for a writeup.  My friend just introduced me to Lucky Chic.  The most important feature of it?  Besides being a sample sale site for the health minded individuals, it’s also charity friendly.  For each purchase you make, they donate 1 meal to a hungry child. 

That actually makes purchasing from them more heart happy.  You’re buying something to help you keep your heart healthy…and your purchase will make you happy, because you’re also doing something good…you’re helping to feed a hungry child.

It’s a nice little heart happy balance.

5. World Market’s New Bali Collection.  I’ve always loved World Market.  I just wish they had one in my area!  They just released their new Bali catalog online…just in time for the warm weather! 

I’m a little partial to their Voyage les Indiennes catalog, because I don’t have a nice little backyard…YET. 

Both catalogs are filled with inspiring pieces at a very low price.  It’s a great way to update your home with exotic spring/summer looks. 

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