Strolling Up & Down 5th Avenue

We just received one of our most beautiful days in NYC this year, so I decided to finally leave the office during lunch for the first time this winter.  My destination: H&M on 5th Avenue to see the new Marni collection.

Well, I loved the bags in the windows…but I only saw that menswear was all they had left.  I debated just picking up something from the Marni’s menswear, but then thought I’d take my chances tomorrow at the 42nd Street store.  After all, I’m just looking for a Marni bag from H&M.  {Keeping my fingers crossed.}

I found a lot of international people coming in JUST for the Marni collection at H&M.  They were all styled to the nines.  It also looked like they had hit up the 42nd Street store when they came strolling in with gigantic shopping bags galore from H&M to shop what was left of the Marni collection. 

These internationals coming in…definite fashion industry types.  Fashion industry types dress very differently and have a very different air about them.  Magazine editors came flowing in, demanding to see what was left of the Marni collection and pitching a hissy fit that this was all that was left.  Yep…this is New York City.

Since there were no Marni bags (or shoes) to score, I headed on down 5th Avenue and just gazed in a few of the shop windows. 

I saw a woman carrying this Michael Michael Kors bag on the bus this morning and thought…I must own one of those.  BUT…I think I’m going to get this ostrich tote from Michael Michael Kors instead.

While I was walking by one side of the Michael Kors store, I kept thinking how odd it was that I picked up a very similar ostrich bag that they’re selling for $895 at Daffy’s for only $22.  The Urban Expressions bag almost looks like an Hermes Birkin in Ostrich.  The Daffy’s bag is also vegan, which I like even more about it.

Before I headed back to the office, I strolled past the Lacoste store and saw this gorgeous bag in their window.  I stopped, turned right around and went in and dropped my credit card at the register.  I ended up taking this baby home in turquoise marine blue (aka baby blue).  $110 isn’t bad for such a HUGE bag.  I like the zipper on top…makes it easier to use as a carry on.

I’m considering this my International Women’s Day treat to myself. 😉

My friend mentioned that I should start photographing my bag of the week and start sharing it with all of you…I’m thinking about it.  It’s in the works of what I’m doing for this site.

I just find it all interesting how things have changed since I decided to change this site as I prepare to leave hockey.  I’ve got a special party to attend (which you’ll find out about next week) and a trade show to attend this month.  It’s kind of amazing how as a writer so much changes rapidly as your content changes. I still write about hockey.  I still have my book that I’m working on.  Now, I’ve got lots of fashion and home stuff to talk about…and we’re working on sharing my lovely closet for all of you.  In other words, since the weather’s warming up, that means it’s time to declutter the closet.

I’ll be putting up a lot of items from my wardrobe up for sale…and all of you will get a chance to shop it.  Trust me, there will be plenty of designer duds to choose from.  Oh, and a Valentino cocktail dress that I purchased right off the Valentino runway…that’s up for grabs thanks to some model somewhere wanting to get rid of it.

My friend and I have been working on putting together a site where you can shop for your fantasy wardrobe…based on the deals we find.  I mean…this is NYC.  Not all of you have access to what we do just by walking out and about Manhattan.  So we’ll be procuring some vintage items (like the stuff we find in thrift shops that we LOVE) and some items that we find in crazy sales that you may have missed out on. 

Our goal is to make it as affordable as possible for all of you to build up your fantasy wardrobe.  After all, that is the trick to building that wardrobe…there’s the super deals…there’s the vintage…and there’s the splurges.  This is all coming up SOON!  Stay tuned.

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