Victoria Beckham’s Cocoon Dress: Style It For Less

I’ve been a little obsessed with Victoria Beckham’s clothing line as of late.  With such a hefty price (and limited sizing), her line (even the cheapest of them all, Victoria) will be on most of our wish lists for a very long time.

What I love about the Victoria Beckham lines?  The style.  Guess what?  You can find similar styles for under $100.

For her cocoon mini dress (which I love), I actually found a couple of similar items that gives you the same look.

[Victoria, Victoria Beckham Jacquard Cocoon Mini Dress, $625]

[Oasis Tipped Shift Dress, $45]

I like that it has the yellow stripe down the side.  It gives it a more slimming look.

For those who like the cocoon shape in the Victoria dress, here’s a similar style top.

[Oasis Bow Detail Embellished Top, $27]


OR if you just have to have that cocoon dress…keep reading… has a Silk Velvet Cocoon Dress for $98 (which I love).  Sorry, it’s a limited edition and is only available in XS, S and M right now.  Marked down from $250.

If you want a little more color…this one from ASOS is marked down to 33 GBP.

[ASOS BLACK Laser Cut Spot Cocoon Dress, 33 GBP]

This one from the Limited may be the most forgiving for all sizes (sizes 0 to 14, but I think the ladies with curves could make it work…it is stretch).

[The Limited Stretch Cocoon Dress, $58.80]

The reason why I’d be more apt to buy the Victoria dress?  This is what the back looks like:

But the truth of the matter…I would probably get one of the other dresses under $100.  Just wish they had the MaxStudio dress in my size!

For more looks similar to the Victoria Beckham lines, try Oasis and ASOS.  Lots of similar VB looks on their sites for under $100.  If you hit up their clearance sections, you could probably take home 2-4 VB looks for $100.  That, alone, has me sold on getting my VB looks from them (especially since they have my size).

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