Friday’s Top 5 Loves

It’s been a few months since I’ve done my top 5 loves (honestly, I keep forgetting).  So let’s kick this one off…

1.  Prada’s new shoe line.  This may be Man Repeller worthy, but damn if I’m not in love with this new shoe line from Prada.  It’s like Ghostrider meets Hot Wheels meets Grease.

I can so see myself wearing these while singing, “You’re the one that I want…ooh..ooh…ooh, honey…” in true Grease fashion.  So hot.  So sexy….and they come with the hefty pricetag of $1100. 

Now, I’ve got “Ghostrider…motorcycle…HEROoooo,” in my head.  I could so see myself in a leather jacket, with these heels on a Harley.  Yeah…it’s sexy like that. 😉

2. Gift With Purchase.  I went a little bit crazy at Saks Fifth Avenue today.  Sure, I finally bought that $500 Josie Natori dress I’ve been wanting for the last 2 winters (discounted to $149…I justified it by saying that I was going to wear it in Morocco this summer).  But the main thing I went shopping for? Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics.

The only reason why?  It comes in a YSL cosmetic case that can double as a clutch.  Sure, there are more samples and stuff in it, but I only bought all of those YSL cosmetics for that case.  I’ve been wanting a YSL bag for some time.  I justified this one with $150 worth of YSL cosmetics because it was far cheaper to buy the cosmetics and get the gift with purchase than to buy an actual YSL clutch.

Not only did I pick up this YSL case, but Saks is also having their Beauty Buy event that features a gift bag with samples.  As in…you buy $125 worth of beauty, you get a purse with goodies inside of it.  The bags they give out are always really nice.  I’m still using the ones I got two years ago.  But the samples in these bags…oh, these are top notch.  That’s why I always wear expensive perfume…they put them in these bags.  I’ve got so many tiny samples that are absolutely perfect to travel with.  I mean really…they supply all of my Chanel, Chloe, Jimmy Choo, Armani, etc. perfume samples that I literally never have to buy them.

Oh, and I actually got $250 worth of beauty stuff because I couldn’t decide which bag I wanted, so I got both bags (plus, I needed some Fekkai shampoo/conditioner). 

Neiman Marcus is also having their gift with purchase too.  You don’t have to spend $125…just $100 (but I love the purses they’re giving away…I almost bought $300 more worth of beauty stuff…then realized what was going on and subsequently hid my debit card).

{Ok…confession…I spent an extra $100 at Birchbox on beauty stuff, too…that’s why the cards all went into hiding.} 

3. I’ll admit it…I am now officially a bona fide Daffy’s addict.  After my post yesterday about Daffy’s, I actually went back to the store to hit up more of their take an extra 50% off clearance.  I came home with a lot of stuff.  I do mean A LOT. 

A Michael Michael Kors coat (for $20), several sweaters, dresses, another bag, and something to add to the Italy/Africa trip to wear…and I swear I still didn’t faint at the price they told me after they quoted the damage.  Actually, there was no damage. 

I can’t even describe how much I am addicted to this store right now. 

Mind you, Daffy’s found my post from yesterday and guess who’s trending on Daffy’s website?  A big Helllloooo Michelle Kenneth!  😉 {No, really…that’s what the site says.} They were even kind enough to link up to the post from this site. 

I’ll also let you in on a little secret…I have an event I’m attending next week (I’m not saying where I’m going…it’s a surprise, because I don’t want fans to start talking about it before I even get there).  The dress I’m wearing to this event…that’s the dress featured on Daffy’s website today, as well as on their Facebook.  It’s the Magaschoni Collection dress I wrote about yesterday that I picked up for $40 (original retail was $406).

Thanks to Daffy’s, they’re the ones styling me for this big event.  Nothing but mad love for ya, Daffy’s!

4. Fashionista Next Door Oh, I love this blogger.  She is so cute!  She’s always inspiring new looks for all of us readers to try out.  I started following her on Pinterest and I keep thinking…wow…just wow…the stuff she finds before it hits the market drives me crazy because I have to wait to get it!  {Really, I shouldn’t be teased like this.}

Another awesome idea that I plan on borrowing from her site…some of the stuff she finds, she actually sells in a separate store for other fashionistas that loved her look and want to buy it.  When I saw that, I thought…what a novel idea!  What a great way to sell my NHL Awards gowns and accessories after the party’s over, right?

Check out her blog, you’ll absolutely LOVE IT!  I really like her Style Me Fridays.  I’m not going to tell you what that is, because I want you to go and look for yourself.  Fashionistas…you’re going to fall in love with her blog.

5.  Home Goods.  I’m a bit behind in discovering Home Goods.  My friend has told me so much about the store, but I’ve never really gone because they didn’t have one that I knew of in NYC until recently. 

My bestie and I headed uptown to Home Goods and not only did I see everything I wanted…BUT I saw the pricetags and thought…you have to be kidding me!  This stuff is so cheap! 

I have been shopping around for a mannequin dress form for the office (see 4 on why…has to do with the new online shop I’m working on).  To get a custom made one, it was going to cost almost $300.  Well, I almost ordered it.  Thank God I didn’t, because the right dress form I was looking for…$59 at Home Goods AND they deliver.

I found so much stuff that I wanted to get.  I was even shopping in the baby section, because ironically their baby section matches the decor of my new office (I think I must have subconsciously made a little girl’s room…no, that biological clock isn’t ticking or anything). 

Those big frames that have the street names on it that are really popular right now?  They’re going for $29 at Home Goods. 

I almost bought a few that had inspirational quotes to go up in the office.  There were so many ideas that you could play around with to spruce up your place.  It was all a matter of…where to begin?

I think the biggest find was a huge wall mirror…for $35.  I’ve never seen a mirror that size go for anything below $100. 

I now wish that I had gone to Home Goods first when I started buying up things for my office.  They beat Target’s prices in many ways.  Home Goods is now my source for anything and everything home.

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