David Beckham’s Balls are Two Stories Tall

I’m not one to point out a professional athlete’s genitalia…BUT…

While I was in Madison Square Garden last night, I came out of the press room to head upstairs to the press box when I looked out the window and all I saw were these MASSIVELY HUGE balls.  They were literally two stories high (look at the building next to the ad…you’ll see two rows of windows = 2 stories).

It took me a while before I looked to see whose balls I couldn’t take my eyes off of…oh, it’s just David Beckham.  {Yes, I had to giggle like a school girl after I realized it was him.}

Leave it to NYC to super-magnify David Beckham’s genitalia and put it up on a skyscraper…outside of MSG…for all the ladies watching sports to blush like crazy.

As for what he’s selling…apparently, he’s selling his latest brand of briefs.  I guess the whole idea is that since H&M is mainly a store women frequent, if the sex appeal of David Beckham will capture a woman’s attention…maybe she’ll buy a pair of briefs for her man.  Maybe like an ‘if I buy these briefs for my guy, I can imagine him to be David Beckham when he wears them…’

Really…you can’t tell me that this Super Bowl ad will make every heterosexual male race to H&M to purchase a pair of David Beckham’s drawers from $12.95-$29.95.


A woman?  Yeah…maybe…if she can take her eyes off of Beckham’s balls long enough to realize he’s selling underwear.

Just take a look at the ad campaign at H&M…you can’t tell me that they’re selling underwear.  {Which, I might add, if he was wearing clothes…I kind of had a hard time noticing the advertisement for clothing…}

This is where sports meets fashion in a woman’s world.  Apparently sex sells when it comes to sports.  Who knew?  [And yes, I’m being sarcastic.  I’ve written many a times about how sex sells sports tickets to losing teams.  i.e. pretty girls in almost nothing prancing around male sports fans during intermission…  While some women that call themselves fans are only looking to see who’s hot on the team…not that they care about sports to begin with.  You know the arguments.  Bottom line: Sex Sells Sports…let’s see if it sells Beckham’s underwear.]

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