It All Started With a Peacock

People that know me know how obsessed I am with Bauble Bar.  I wear their jewelry all of the time.  I pass out their business cards every single time someone stops me to tell me how much they love my jewelry.

Back around the time I was shopping for what to wear to the NHL Awards, I came across Bauble Bar.  I took one look at their peacock cuff and knew it had to be mine.  That is what started it all…

peacock1 peacock2 peacock3 peacock4

{Purse: Rebecca Minkoff MAB (similar here); green exotic sheer top (New York & Company Collection); tuxedo pants (similar here); Navy Blue Sweater (similar here); rings (Tiffany & Co. and here)

Gorgeous little piece, right?  What’s just as gorgeous was the Bauble Bar price…$32.

Thanks to Bauble Bar, I was able to build up my jewelry wardrobe with amazingly beautiful pieces.

Thanks to word of mouth, Bauble Bar has gone viral.  For a company that just went live back in April, they are now worn to red carpet events, donned by celebrities from J Lo to Justin Bieber, and featured in fashion magazines every single month.

Would you believe that I was one of Bauble Bar’s first customers?  Since that peacock cuff, I’ve referred so many people to them thanks to a post I did on them way back when.  I wore the peacock cuff on the red carpet at the NHL Awards.  Now, I wear their pieces every single day.


For the holidays, Bauble Bar launched a pop-up shop at 144 10th Avenue in New York City, which they share with BirchBox, Artspace, Joor and Quirky.

Last Wednesday, they launched their shop, and of course, I had to be there because I love this little company so much!

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I picked up a new cuff that was very similar to my first peacock cuff.  {That’s currently under the Christmas tree right now.}

I also became a subscriber of Birch Box last week.  They send you deluxe sample products every month to try out.  If you like it, you can go back to their site to purchase the product.  They work on a loyalty program just like Bauble Bar does.  In other words, you are rewarded for ordering and referring business to them.  This is a customer based service that I’m a huge fan of.  Credits to shop?  Credits to refer friends?  Hey, that’s how I have so many baubles these days. 🙂

One of the exciting DIY features I picked up and loved at the event came from their alcohol infused candy bar.  What is that?  Try alcohol infused gummy worms and gummy bears…as well as other alcohol infused candies.  I thought this was such a cool thing, I asked around for recipes, because this would make the perfect gift for my brother for Christmas…well, at least the part where we eat alcohol infused gummies all weekend…he’ll have a recipe to take home in his stocking!

Here’s the recipe!  It’s very easy to make, but it takes several days to get it going.  That means I need to buy the gummies and vodka now, in order for it to be ready for when my guest arrives!

So kids, make sure to buy more baubles…and sign up for your BirchBox.  I can’t wait to get mine!

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