Response to The Case of A*

I received this letter (hand-delivered) through someone that had read my blog post about “The Case of A*.” I was really surprised to read this letter (or to have received it).

It brought a tear to my eye. I just pray that poor A* will get the help he really needs in the justice system before he takes a step in the wrong direction.

Response to The Case of A*

I will admit that I was surprised that an inmate in a prison would respond to the original post. I think it was a fear for A* and his future, that he might some day wind up in prison, too.

Of all the twists and turns in this case, you can only pray that this child will grow up to fight the odds and become an outstanding person in his community and in his own pursuits and endeavors.

Will exposure to his mother cause him more harm? Will it cause irreparable harm? Or will his mother turn out to be a better human being and actually take very good care of her son for once?

Only time will tell. If anything, I hope he knows that there are people that care about him and love him very much. Even if his circumstances change, he has a father, aunts, uncles and cousins, even friends of the family that all care about him and love him very much.

He’s always been such a beautiful, loving and caring soul. These struggles he has in his life now are only supposed to make him stronger. He has the capacity to do something amazing for someone else in his life, no matter what happens to him. I just pray that his mind and emotions don’t become so damaged that he’ll make all the wrong decisions because he feels the world failed him.

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