A Day in the Life: Saturday

I have been contemplating for some time the direction I want this site to go (and veer it away from oblivion).  I was in Barnes & Noble back in July (a rare appearance inside an actual store) and came across a magazine called “Daphne’s Diary.”  I flipped through it thinking this is exactly what I wanted.

I showed it to my friends exclaiming that I finally found exactly what I was looking for.  The next challenge was figuring out how I could take those elements and translate it into an actual blog.  

I started writing out the things I do each day and the things I attribute to learning how to be a little better at life each day.  There were things I wrote down that I wanted to share with people.  Matthew’s craziness is always part of my story.  I also like to share what I’m watching and reading.

As I started to map my days out on paper, I started to see the blog post coming to life.  That is, it was the blog post I’ve been wanting to showcase on this site.

Then a few new collaborations hit my email box and I realized that my idea that’s been churning in my head was being delivered to me.  I now have the right tools I was looking for to start creating the blog I wanted.  


So I talk about my Saturday.  

When I say that I made a rare appearance in a store, it’s actually factual.  I rarely if ever go inside of a store.  I have everything delivered to me all the way down to my groceries.  

I don’t do my own laundry.  There is a service that takes care of that for me.  It is the best gift I’ve ever given to myself.  I can’t explain how much time this has given back to my life.  Plus, they return everything folded in the KonMari style!  It is way better than I could ever do.

The farmers market is a bit of a community thing.  Sometimes I take Matthew with me so he can play with the little kids.  They love him.  I used to go every weekend, but as time goes on, I just have Amazon bring me my fruits and vegetables.  It saves me so much time.  

I also made a stop to donate two bags of groceries to the Food Bank.  I’m very active in NYC when it comes to helping feed people in the community.  I try to order the special deals Amazon Fresh offers (free boxes of Cheerios) and load up on deals so I can donate them to the community food bank.  I also volunteer my time at the warehouse and the local food bank.

As for my crazy Matthew…we’ve had a bit of a dilemma when he goes out these days.

When he hangs out in the sticker bushes, I end up spending the rest of the day pulling them out one by one.  This adventure was the worst one.  They were so deeply embedded in his paws, he was bleeding.  

Boy, did I have my work cut out for me. 


In the graphic, I give you a few tips I use at home, especially when it comes to food and my kitchen.

I upcycle glass spaghetti and peanut butter jars.  I keep an array of sizes.  I like to keep small jars to carry salad dressing in.  The peanut butter jars are used to transport bowls of soup for lunch. 

If you choose to upcycle, I recommend keeping jars with wide openings.  It makes it easier to ladle soup, sauces, etc. into them.  Also, for those who are part of the Mason Jar craze, why buy new jars when you probably have jars in your pantry already?

When I cut up veggies, I also keep them in jars.  I don’t like to use plastic in my kitchen and these glass jars come in very handy.

Prepping fruits and veggies will help you tremendously in the kitchen.  Also, keeping track of what you put into your fridge is important to help avoid spoilage.  I keep a dry/erase board next to the fridge to keep track of the meals I’ve already made, as well as all of the fruits and veggies that I purchased and need to eat.  

When you prep your veggies, keep a few of the scraps for broth.  I usually keep cabbage and onion ends to throw into my broth.  More on that in a later post…