Perfectionist Wannabe + Amazon = LOVE

I am happy to announce that I am now an Amazon influencer.  You will be able to shop my favorite picks and finds that I feature both here and on social media directly through Amazon.

If you check out, you may notice Cosmopolitan magazine appears with their own influencer page like the one below.

Perfectionist Wannabe + Amazon = Love

Influencer pages are a new and unique way to help our readers and followers find and purchase items we love or feature in our publications and on our social media accounts.  If you are not already in love with Amazon, you may fall in love now that they are tapping your favorite influencers to work with.

February Picks

This month, I am featuring my favorite picks for Valentine’s Day.  Ladies, if you are looking for something to wear on date night, I got you.

For those wanting to know which kitchen gadgets I am using this year as I focus on my Love Yourself campaign, I have those listed.  For those looking for the perfect gifts for your favorite cooks, I highly suggest the Instant Pot and the Click and Grow.  You can find those items on my Amazon Page.  [I will be talking more about the Instant Pot and Click and Grow in an upcoming post.  Stay tuned!]

One thing I am asked a lot from the people at Amazon is what gadget I am using, especially when it comes to cameras.  Amazon is getting ready to launch a new camera made specifically with influencers and fashion minded folks in mind.  It’s not on the market yet, but keep a lookout for it.  It’s listed on my Amazon Page (Echo Look).

When I get home tonight, it should be waiting for me, along with my groceries.  And yes, I shop exclusively with Amazon Fresh for all of my grocery needs.  Since they purchased Whole Foods and lowered the prices, they’ve improved the grocery selections for Fresh customers.

For the books I’ve read so far this year, you will be able to find them on my Amazon Page.  My favorite beauty products are also listed.  As many beauty products as I test out, I am only listing my favorites and items I use regularly that I swear by.

When I finish my kitchen update, you will understand why I listed a few home improvement products. It is perfect for the apartment dwellers who hate the way their kitchen looks.  In other words, those products are a sneak peek into upcoming content here on the site.

The Collaboration

I am very happy with this new collaboration.  Amazon has been very helpful over these past few years when it comes to PW.  They’ve helped me with the little details (like those ‘how in the hell do I do this’ questions).  They are also the ones responsible for helping me set up the design of the PW Book Club page.

As a loyal customer of Amazon, I am amazed at what they come out with to make my life easier.  As far as this site is concerned, I can’t even begin to tell you how much this company has been great to work with.  They are so helpful.  The fact they are creating products designed with influencers in mind, we may be seeing the beginning of the next phase for influencers.